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Karma Yoga

Offering 6

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


 This Light of Divine Intelligence, 

 permeates and is eternally beyond 

Consciousness, Awareness, and lower 

intelligence.  It is the Eternal Light 

of everything including the Sun, and



Our Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence

is aways the subject pervading and 

transcending all objects.  Therefore, 

it can never be seen, only realized as 

the Self. 


We offer to You as the most illumined, 

our Omnipresent guiding light. You

 pervade and  transcend all. Your Most 

Soft and Bright  Light is Morally pure, 

unhindered and never contaminated.


We believe a life centered in You is a life in

association with You. Through association 

with You, the Most Moral, our Moral

Fiber is restored.


The more we are aligned with You, we

 can live simply, thinking of You. 

Living in this way, our economic

 resources will go farther.  


We are seeing the Self as Intelligence 

pervading the body, consciousness, and

and awareness.  We are being victorious

 over Maya and living a life in Your 

Harmony, Your Peace and Your Love.  

The more we are living life the Self in 

this way, the greater is our fulfillment 

and Peace.


Living in Your Harmony, Peace, and Love 

means living a life free from stress and

 strain.  When thoughts that are not 

uplifting or spiritually instructive try

 to enter our consciousness, we take 

shelter, concentrate on You.


We offer all thoughts to You, thinking of 

You as the Supreme, All Mighty,

Source of all thoughts. Thinking of You

and submitting all to You is aligning

 with You while taking shelter in You.


We offer to You or call out Your Name 

as soon as a mundane, negative 

thought even peeks into our 

consciousness.  Thus, we take shelter in 

 closer union with You.


Lust is chief among the impediments to

conscious union with You.  By Your 

association, offering all to You, taking 

shelter in You,  impediments are falling 

away.  Gradually, we are making steady 

spiritual advancement into ever greater

 union with You. 


Associating with You, we are awakening

 to knowledge of Self as Energy or 

Spirit, and You as Supreme 

Intelligence, Energy or Spirit.  


By Your  association, we are awakening 

and knowing You are within and beyond

 all energy, consciousness, awareness, and

  intelligence.  You are the Supreme Being, 

the Knower of all.


You are the Knower of the seer of the

 seeing, the Pure Intelligence.  Seeing 

the Self as intelligence and You as Pure

 Intelligence is truly  revolutionary. 

Many of us seem to relate to the self  

as the material body, or maybe the

 intelligence or a "Mind". 


 We know, from our research, observation 

and experience that the change in our 

concept of the Self from material to

 spiritual is  revolutionary.  This change 

is very necessary if we are to truly 

   awaken to knowledge, experience, and 

union with Self.


This revolutionary change in the way

we identify as the Self marks the 

beginning of our simple living and 

  high thinking, spiritual lifestyle.  It is 

better for Earth, it is better for us.


In this spiritual world, we do not claim

 identity to any particular race,

creed, color, nationality or any thing

that has to do with material 

designation.  We do not do to others, 

including Earth, that which we would

 not want  done to those we hold most 

dear.  In this spiritual world, others

 are us.


We are all Spirit Soul, Pure Intelligence,

in quality one with You. We know You

as the Light of Divine Intelligence, our

Supreme Being.  You pervade and

 transcend everything, including Earth, 

Water, Fire, Air, Aether, Sky, all the 

Ancestors and the gods.


We offer to You as the Light of Eternal

 Pure Intelligence. You are the

Eternal Spirit or Soul that pervades 

the consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence of all.  When we bring our

 humble offerings to You, we are 

venerating all.