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Karma Yoga

Offering 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We offer to You as the Completely 

Perfect One, more subtle than the air, 

aether, or intelligence.  Enveloping 

and suffusing the visible and the

 invisible, You transcend all,

 including No thing, the metaphysical.


We offer to You as the first,  Last and 

Greatest Witness of Infinite, Eternal,

 Omnipresent  Peace. Through our 

spiritual practice of always offering 

to You, our consciousness is purified

 and attracts thoughts of



Thoughts of You are the most 

edifying.  They help us associate 

with You, and transcend thoughts. 

At the same time, they are 

improving us morally,

 intellectually, and spiritually.


Our consciousness is increasingly 

tranquil as we associate with You 

and are purified.  This purifying 

process aligns our awareness as

    well as our consciousness evermore 

with You.  


Through association with You, our

thinking, feeling, willing, and doings

are pure, positive, and edifying. This

is true because, to the degree

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are purified they allow

 in only like thoughts, or no thoughts

 at all, if they are not edifying.


We think of You as the first, the Last 

and Greatest Purity of Being.  As a 

result of Your association, 

consciousness,  awareness, and 

intelligence are purified, emptied 

of thoughts.


Free of thoughts and doing all as 

offerings to You, we transcend suffering.

We are responsible for our own

suffering or joy. People, places, things,

circumstances, or other sentient beings,

are simply instruments through which

our Karma, good or bad, returns to us.

Offering all to You is associating with

You, the Most Pure, and transcending 



Association promotes assimilation.  

Associating with You through this

 spiritual practice of offering all to You

 helps us associate with You and gradually

 assimilate Your Divine Attributes. 

Thanks and praise be to You for helping 

us in our efforts to always think of  You

and unite with You by offering all to You.


This spiritual practice of offering all 

to You is practical, rational, and depends

 on no material considerations.  Whatever 

predicament or circumstance we find 

ourselves in, we can always offer to You. 


 We can even offer the frustration, 

disappointment, confusion, failure, 

 despair or joy to You. The point is to

 remember to offer to You, be purified, 

  and progress in the way of union with



To offer to You all we have to say is:

" My Supreme Being", whatever the name

of Your Supreme Being, "Please accept

this humble offering". We can offer,

loudly, softly, or silently. We should offer

everything, every breath, incoming or 

out going, to You.


We can offer all we hear to You. All

we talk about can be offered to You. All

we remember can be offered to You.

All of these are ways we can awaken

ever closer to You.  No matter the

circumstances. We can give thanks 

and offer all to You. 


Our spiritual practice consists primarily

of always offering to You.  This discipline

 helps us remember You.  Remembering 

You is association with You, the Most 



Via Your association our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence are freed 

from all traces of Self-misidentification.

Identifying the Self as no more than

 senses, body, consciousness, awareness, 

or intelligence, is Self-misidentification.


Proper Self identification is seeing the 

Self as Divine Intelligence pervading and 

transcending the senses, body, 

consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence. We are identifying the 

Self as the Eternal Light of Divine



While identifying the Self as this Divine 

Intelligence,  we are engaging in our 

spiritual practice that is helping us 

   associate with You and remember You. 

     Consequently, our reason and common

 sense are clarifying constantly. 


Associating with You is definitely healing 

us while uniting us consciously with You.

 You.  In the light of Your association, 

we are becoming more consciously

 awake, scrupulously straight,and

 intellectually enlightened.  On all  

 levels, in all ways, we are becoming 

healthier by associating with You.


You pervade and transcend all. By offering

all to You, we are awakening to our internal

environment which is essentially spiritual.

We offer to You as the Eternal Light of Divine

Intelligence. This is the Eternal Light of

Unalloyed Being.