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Karma Yoga

Offering 3

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Always thinking of You by remembering

 to offer all to You is association with You.

This spiritual practice gradually cures us 

of the sin sickness of material designation

 and forgetfulness of Self.


Offering all to You, the Most Pure, 

energizes positive change for reawakening

 to our Divinity.  This Divine Nature is 

always here.  We awaken to It by constant 

association with You, the Most Awake. 


Before we eat, we offer it to You.  Before

 we drink, we offer it to You.  Before

 we begin our work day, we offer to You, 

the Light of  Divine Intelligence within 

all being.  All are equal in this Light.


 Before we do anything, we offer it to You.   

This helps us remember You, involve You 

in all we do, and thus purify our total 

being.  As this happens, we see with 

 equal vision.  Human beings are neither

 inferior nor superior to any sentient 

beings. This is our Karma Yoga;  


All that we offer and give away, as well 

as any austeries we perform, we do it as

an offering to You.  This is one of the 

spiritual practices we are engaging in 

that is helping us reawaken, come back

 to You.


Anything we see, smell, hear, taste, or

 touch, we offer that sensation to You. 

 This spiritual practice allows us to never

 forget and always remember You.


Constantly offering all to You, we are 

seeing the ephemeral nature of material 

things.  Their endurance is temporary.  

Therefore, we say they do not exist.  We

 see that You endure when all else has

 temporary existence.  You, therefore, 

are the only reality.  We offer to You as



Awakening, we also see the suffering that 

is the ultimate consequence of chasing 

after, and trying to hold on to that which 

is impermanent.  It is in this light that we

see You as the only One worthy of 

being striven for and worshiped.


We think of You as the Eternal, Most 

Sober, All attractive One.  You are our 

Innermost, Outermost, and Center.  

Offering all to You is one of the ways we 

worship You.


Thank You for advising, inspiring us 

and showing us that everything except 

You can be eliminated from our life.

  After everything else is gone.  You remain. 

 You cannot leave.  You are the only One

who can never leave us.  


Surely, Your advice and inspiration is 

the root cause of our awakening back 

into the Supreme Sobriety, Balance

 and Divine Intelligence.  If  it were

possible for You to leave us, It would

 be possible for us to leave ourself; 

an impossibility


We think of You as Supreme Being of

Infinite Knowledge, Intelligence, and 

Creativity.  You and ourself are most

 intimately united, even when we are

 forgetful of You. Our offerings are to

 You alone.  They help us reawaken to

 Your Omnipresence.


Thank You for leading us kindly with 

Your Eternal Light. We have evidence 

from research, observation, experience 

and reflection, that You are truly the 

Light of Divine Intelligence.  You exist

 at the Source of consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence.


We offer to You as our eternal, 

      unshakable, Most Righteous Foundation. 

     We offer all to You.  Our intelligence fixates 

  on You, is purified and enlightened

 through these humble offerings. 


We are offering to You as the Source

 of Perfect Peace. Fixating on You in

 this way of offering all to You is how 

our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence are realigning with You

 and we are attaining enlightenment.


Your Perfect Peace penetrates, 

saturates and goes beyond all the

 tribulations and other dualities of life

 in the worlds of  Maya.  Offering to 

You empowers us to transcend the 

 worlds of Maya and reach conscious

 union with You


Gradually we come to the experience 

that You are truly the Supreme, 

Nameless, Formless, Self-less Self.  

After all the names, forms, 

circumstances, functions and 

functionaries do what they have to do 

they dissolve into nothingness. You



The illusory worlds are within You, and

 although You saturate them, being 

always transcendental, You are never 

within them. We behold this Mystic