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Karma Yoga

Offering 17

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Karma, bad or good, is our own doing. 

 It is the result of our own activity, right 

here, right now.  Offering all we think, 

feel, will, say, and do to You is our

 Karma Yoga.  It is a way to transcend

 Karma, bad or good. 


The goal of this Karma Yoga is to get 

off the merry go round, the reaping 

and sowing of  Karma, by submitting

 all to You, who are beyond Karma.  

This way, we gradually reawaken, 

reuniting with You, our Supreme



Offerings to You are beyond Karma.

Transcendental to bad or good Karma, 

 offerings to You help us remember You.

 Gradually we awaken to union with

 Your Loving Omnipresence,  here in 

this moment.


We are seriously striving for union

 with You.  Therefore, we are vigilantly

    watching over our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence;  striving 

to allow entrance only to those

 thoughts, images, or impressions that

 help us remember You. 


Thoughts of You are edifying, 

purifying,  and satisfying. Moreover,

 they help us remember You.  This is

 association with You.  It awakens us 

from the sin and bondage of bad and

 and good Karma.  Both entangle and 

enslave  us in the material world of



By associating with You, we are releasing 

ourselves from Maya, and awakening

 to the Tranquil Bliss of the Self. Thank 

You for Your blessings and protection, 

and Your Most Excellent Guidance. May

 we be pure enough to recognize and 

follow It.


To the degree we awaken ourselves from

 Maya by offering all to You, we are

 remembering You.   This helps us align 

with You and and experience Your Eternal, 

Tranquil, Bliss -Filled, Loving 



   Remembering You,  we gradually awaken. 

 and understand ever better how to

purify and align our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence with You.

This way, we save ourselves from the sin

 and sufferings of Maya while we unite 

consciously with You.


We begin reawakening to our True

 Self  identity as we progress

 in offering all to You, remembering

 You, and living as a spiritual being

having a human  experience.


 At our greatest level of Self Identity,

 we see the Self as the Eternal Divine

 Light shining on and in Itself,

 consciousness, awareness, and 



As we awaken through remembrance

of You, we see that the Source of this

Divine Light in the body is shining

out from infinity through the

Pineal Gland.


From the Pineal Gland, this Most

Subtle, Divine Light of Energy and

Intelligence is pervading and

transcending, while illuminating

 the physical and metaphysical energy

that makes up the living entity.


You are God, the Eternal Light of

Divine Intelligence, the Most High.

The more we offer to You, remember

and associate with You, the greater

is our alignment with You. Offering

to You is, for us, synonymous with

surrender, submission, and service

to You.


Every frequency, each vibration, all

cells; every molecule, atom, subatomic

particle and the spaces between them,

according to the living entity's

alignment with You, is infused,

and enlightened by the presence of

Your Loving Intelligence.  


The more we serve You in all we do,

 the greater is our realization of Your 

Faithful Omnipresence.  Thank 

You for helping us to align with You



We are aligning with You by utilizing 

every honorable means, to praise You, 

thank You, and to serve You ever better.

This spiritual practice is helping us

 think of You, remember You, associate

  with You, and consciously unite with You.


Looking from within, we see that You, the

place we were looking for, the place we are

coming back to, are the place we are

ultimately looking from. The place

 we are ultimately looking from is in, 

over, and far beyond consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence.


 There is really no one to see.  All is the

 Self.  The Eternal, within and beyond

 deep and shallow, beginning, middle,

 and end, is here, now.  This

 Undisturbable, Most Beautiful,

 Radiant Light of Vibratory Bliss, 

within and beyond physical and 

spiritual  manifestations; always 

   within and beyond knower,  knowledge, 

knowing, and known, is the Self.  

This, Thou Art.