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Karma Yoga

Offering 16

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


From Your Omnipresent "Place"

 of witnessing Space, and the  Triple

 Shining Blackness of Space is seen

as contained in the Light of Your

   Infinite Spacelessness of Being.


We experience the fact that You, 

our Supreme Being, are the Eternal

  Monarch of all.  Within and beyond 

  all seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing  

   and touching, You are pervading and

 transcending the Cosmic 

   Manifestations, Sound, Silence and 



We offer to You as the Supreme 

Source and Witness of all states of 

 consciousness, awareness, and

   intelligence.  You are that 

indescribable, Vibratory Bliss 

beyond Knower, Knowledge, 

Knowing, and Known.


The more we offer to You, and thereby

 associate with You, the stronger we are 

spiritually to resist the commands and

     demands of the lust controlled lower self.  


The real battle, Jihad, is within our 

own consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence. It is the tug of war 

between our Lust controlled Lower

 Self, and our Love controlled Higher 



The more we associate with you, by

   offering to You and remembering You,

 the more we are strong enough to be

victorious over the ignorance of the

  Lower Self.  This is the way we resist

    and overcome the slavery of Maya.


Those worlds, of birth, old-age, disease, 

death, and rebirth, are places of more

 or less the suffering of Maya.  We fall

 into, and remain in Maya due to our

               ignorance of Self. 


 Maya can be more or less hell, cold or 

   hot, regardless of our level of material 

existence.  Those worlds of Maya are 

 places of various degrees of  suffering.


The suffering of Maya can be physical

and/or spiritual. Whether we are

awake or in dreams, Maya can

torment us. We offer to You,

remember You, associate with You,

and transcend Maya.


For Justice, refuge, strength,

fulfillment, contentment, freedom from

Karma, Maya, and the realization of

Everlasting, Omnipresent Peace, we offer

all we think, feel, will, say, and do,

to You alone.


The Source of "I" and of all energy, 

intelligence, and creativity, is You.  To 

deny Your existence would be to deny 

our own existence; an impossibility. 


We are holding fast to You by increasing 

our association with You.  We are doing 

this by calling Your Name, offering You 

everything, hearing about You, visiting 

the Holy, associating with those who

 are remembering You, praising and

 thanking You, and performing worship 

of You in the best of possible ways; 

always thinking of You.


Always thinking of You is Aligning our 

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence with You constantly. This

empowers us to evermore detach

 from the temporary worlds of illusion

 and attach to You, the Eternal Source 

of our reality.


Surely, expanding and deepening our

intelligence is a consequence of aligning 

with Your Omniscience. This also 

strengthens our ability to use our rod 

of discrimination and our sword of 



Remembering You, we are increasingly

 exposed to modicums of Your Infinite

 Intelligence.  In this light, we better

 distinguish the real from the unreal,

 recognizing and detaching from that

 which  does not endure, the unreal, 

and more firmly attaching to You, 

the only Reality. 


You are the Eternal, Deep, here, now,

the Undisturbable, Pure, Brilliant

 Light of our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence.  Without Hu, they 

would not know what to do:  How to

    be conscious of what, what to be aware

    of and why, and what to be intelligent 



Analyzing the memory of the Oneness

of our brief experience with You, we

are beginning to see that You are, at

least, the Undisturbable, Tranquil, 

Vibratory Magnificence, beyond 

Knower, Knowledge, Known, and 



As we continue to engage in offering

all to You, and remembering You, we

are experiencing increasingly, the

Tranquil Bliss of Eternal Silence and

the emptiness of everything, except You,

Hu even pervades and transcends the