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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Offering 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We offer to You as our Supreme being, the

Source of our Ancestors. It is You, the

Most Subtle One, who pervades and

transcends all DNA.


The real solution to our problems lie in our

remembering and experiencing You as we

go about our mundane existence.


We offer to You as our Most Intelligent Source

of all creativity and power. You, as the Source of

the thoughts that enter the consciousness.


We offer to You as the Source of the power of

concentration that transforms thoughts into

ideas and things.


We offer to You as the Intelligence which shows

us how to be still, and know that You are God.

Knowing this and letting You abide, helps us to

live a simpler and increasingly complete and

fulfilled life in union with You.


We think it is absolutely true that You have

no partners nor co-equals in purity, power,

or intelligence. No one other than You can

associate with You on Your level, Your reign

is Supreme.


Always offering to You and remembering You

allows us to associate with You on our level, be

purified, and awakend back to our original level

of Divinity.


Always offering to You and remembering You is

awakening our long forgotten memory and

intelligence. Gradually, we are awakening

and experiencing a returning to our natural

state of Infinite, Imperturbable Peace.


Thank You for accepting our homage and our

honest attempts at restoring our Divine

relationship with You.


These humble offerings called Our Word

are our way of redeeming, and lifting our self

by our Self. In this way, we are restoring our

Divine relationship with You.


To the degree we restore our Divine

relationship with You, we very naturally shun

evil and do good. When we are at this level of

purification, we see You and offer to You in

others, seeing others in You.


Calling out Your name and offering You

everything helps us remember You. This clears

us as individuals and organizations of village

gossip and keeps us concentrated on the right

path to union with You.


We know You are called by many different

names. Often this is because of Your vast

and variegated attributes. Nonetheless, You

are the same everywhere.


Offering to You and calling out Your name is our

way of remembering You. To us, this is the basis

of self-improvement because It helps us associate

with You.


The major instrument is this associating process is

the spiritual practice of offering to You and always

remembering You.


We offer to You as the One Reality within and

beyond kinetic and potential energy. Inactive

and active and all other dualities are within

You, and You saturate them. Yet, You cannot

be contained by any or all of them together.


You, Supreme Omnipresence, are witnessing

Space and Silence. Things change in Space.

Sounds can obscure our ability to "Hear"



However, You, the Changeless Omnipresence,

pervade and transcend Silence, Space, and the

Triple Shining Blackness of Space.