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Karma Yoga

Offering 14

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We offer to You as the primordial 

energy, the life force the Prana.  Always

 working for You, offering all to You, 

is association with You.  Our energy, 

our life force,  is strengthen and

 increasingly purified by Your 



Aligning with You by Your association  

is purifying our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence of lust, 

anger, and greed.  This is freeing us

 from illusion,  madness, and envy. 

Those activities, keep us imprisoned 

in bad Karma and Maya.


You are always outside the influence

of Karma and Maya. Therefore,

offering our righteous activity and its

fruits to You transcends Karma. This

is the way we are escaping Karma's

reaping and sowing, the slavery of



We are offering to You, thereby

remembering You. Our individual

and social conditions are also being

cleansed and refined. We know this is

happening as a result of our

associating with You.


The more we associate with You, the

Most Pure, through offering to You and

remembering You, the greater is our

union with You, the Source from which

we have fallen.


We suffer because of impurity of

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. When those are pure,

our thinking is pure. From pure

thinking comes, pure feeling, 

willing, and doing; inner joy and 

contentment follows.


From purity of thinking, feeling, willing,

 and doing, comes gradual freedom 

from suffering.  Our offering to You is

purifying service to You.  It purifies our

 thinking, feeling, willing, and doing, via 

Your purifying association.


Divine development of intelligence,

awareness, and consciousness depends

on association with You, not on

birth. We testify from our personal

research, observation , experience and

reflection; lust, anger, and greed, are

gradually dissolving from our life as 

we associate with You.


As we remember You, Lust, anger, and

 greed are being replaced with love,

compassion, and charity for all. Offering

to You and remembering You is directly

responsible for this. It is the purifying

and awakening Agent, bringing us into

our Divine Reality again.


Sometimes called by many Names, and

and by no Name at all, our Divine 

Reality is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, 

and Omniscient.  It is our True 

Identity and has no designations.  


Eternally Divine, in the final analysis 

of our memory of the experience, our

 Divine Reality, is beyond Knower, 

Knowledge, Knowing, andKnown.


 Also known as the Most High, and 

Greater than the Most High, our

Divine Reality looks like No Thing,

 yet It can be  experienced within

 and beyond everything and No 

  Thing. It is experienceable but is 



When we see and experience our 

Divine Reality with our Inner eye, our

 Third Eye, our Inner Being, we 

 recognize It as You, our too long almost

forgotten, Supreme Being.


We look like You, not in flesh, but in

 spirit.  We pervade and  transcend

 this body, intelligence,  awareness, 

and consciousness.  You  pervade

 and transcend all bodies, intelligence,

 awareness, and consciousness.


We know from within what we look 

like and we look like You. We recognize 

You from within our own intelligence

Although there is none other with 

whom to compare You, we know we

 are Yours and You are  ours.


You are our Supreme Being.  

Surrendering all to You is what our

Submission is about.  To us, Service, 

     Offering, Surrender, and Submission

     are synonymous.  In the context in which

we have been speaking, they mean, 

       in essence, "With love and devotion, do 

all  for You".


Pervader, Witness, Supreme Dignity 

of all, You are ours. We realign with 

You by seeing the Self as spirit, always

 thinking of You being devoted to You,

 and worshiping You, we are 

reawakening to our union with You.


Offering to You purifies, awakens and

frees us into union with You, the only

Reality. We are freed of all desires, 

including the desire to come back to

 You, the more our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are

   purified into Your likeness again.