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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Offering 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We experience harmony with You while

awakening to the fact that the Self is the

Knower of that which is known, as well

as the Knower of the Knowing.


The more we engage in offering to You, we

are purified and we see, ever more clearly,

that our real business, our best duty, is to

return to You, the Source. 


You are the only one worthy of returning

You are the One Eternal Self. One may call You

You Divine Intelligence, Supreme Energy,

Super Soul, Ultimate Spirit, or no name at all.


You can never leave us; neither can we

truly ever leave You. In reality, You as well

as we, are always here.


Our consciousness is purified, through Your

association. We are rising, from the spiritually

dead, bodily designation, back to our Pure

Spiritual nature, Divine Intelligence.


Our purification process, consists of seeing

the Self as Supreme Spirit or Divine



This knowledge, is also coupled with seeing the

Self as permeating and transcending the body,

consciousness, awareness, intelligence, subject

and object. It is the Supreme Knower of all.


We offer to You as the Eternal, Omnipresent,

Omnipotent, Irreducible, One. You are always

in the world and simultaneously beyond it.


We think of You as the Source of all Purity and

Intelligence. Association with You by offering

to You brings us back to our original purity.


Our original purity is the Divine Intelligence

that pervades intelligence, awareness, and



We can be experience as really infusing and

separate from consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence to the degree they are purified, as

a result of aligning them with You.


Our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are aligned with You by this

spiritual practice of offering all to You and

remembering You.


Association with You brings about assimilation

into Your likeness. We offer to You and

remember You as the Source of all Purity.


This purification of consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence, in alignment with You, leads us

invariably back to You. 


We are freed of all desires, including the

desire to come back to You, the more our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are purified into Your likeness again.


Gradually the experience of Your Purity

awakens us to the fact there is no mind.

There are thoughts inside of consciousness.  


You Divine Intelligence, pervade and and

transcend consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. The more we associate with

You, the better our intelligence, awareness,

and consciousness channel and reflect You.


We have been able to hold fast to You by this

spiritual practice of offering to You and

remembering You. Surely this is the art and

science that is bringing us through to You.