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Karma Yoga

Offering 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We are beholding Your Mystical Opulence: 

 You are the Knower of that which is

 known, as well as the Knower of the

  Knowing.   Simultaneously, You are within

 and beyond knower, knowledge, knowing, 

and known.  Of the Great, You are 

Definitely the Greatest.


The more we engage in offering to You, 

and chanting Your Names we are purified 

and see, ever more clearly, that our that 

our real business, our best duty, is to

remember You, give You thanks, and

 perform worship of  You to the best of  

our ability, always.



You can never leave us; neither can 

we truly  ever leave You. You are 

within and beyond  earth, water,

 fire, air, aether, and the only One

  worthy of our worship.  


The Sun, Moon, and Stars, as for as 

we are concerned, are only sparks of 

Your  limitless splendor.  We offer to 

You as the One Eternal Source of all 

"I" thoughts in and beyond the

 Cosmic Manifestations.


  We offer to You as the Eternally 

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent 

One, within and beyond all.  We may

 call You by many names:  Allah, God, 

the Greatest  Spirit, the Eternal 

 Light of Divine Intelligence, Foremost

 Energy, Paramatman, Supreme

 Brahman, Yahweh,  Super Soul, 

  Ultimate Spirit,  YHWH, or no name

at all.


 In the case of no name at all for You, we

 offer to You as Silence and Space.  In

 reality, You as well as we, are always 

 here, immanent and  transcendent, 

within and beyond all names, forms,

 solids, liquids, and gasses.


Our consciousness is purified, through

offering to You. This is Your association.

We are awakening and rising, from the

spiritually dead, bodily designation, 

back to our original Spiritual position, 

Divine Intelligence, by the Purity of

 Your association.


We offer to You as the knower of I AM, 

and the One who is beyond knower,  

   knowledge,  knowing,  and known.  

Thinking of You in this way, we offer to 

  You and chant Your Names. 


If we think of You as beyond Names, we 

  offer to You through the Silence and 

Space.  Our spiritual purification 

process begins with changing the way

   we see and understand the self, and 

 offering all to You. 


You are the One Entity that always exists.  

You have no partners, no one shares Your "

Throne". We offer to you as the Ever 

Existent One Hu has no seconds or 


Offering, submitting, surrender, and
service to You are synonymous to us.
Our business is to be one of Your best
servants, one who submits to You.

When we offer something or a service 
to You, we are surrendering that to
You. We are also submitting that
something or service to You. 


There is no one other than You worthy

of our submission, offering, surrender,

or service. All of our praise,

thanksgiving, and service, is to You



We are changing from seeing the Self as

a temporary material designation, maybe

containing an inscrutable Soul. We have

begun seeing the self as an eternal

scrutable Soul permeating and

transcending the temporary material



We are hearing about You, chanting Your

Names, and offering You everything.

Thus, we are awakening to Self-

Realization, experiencing the Self as

Eternal, Soul, Full of unlimited Bliss

and Knowledge.


Insteading of seeing You as some mystery

being somewhere in the far off sky, or

some extra ordinary human or some other

incarnation of species, we are seeing

You as our own Supreme Being. You can

be experienced according to our past

Karma, our Purity and Your Grace.


We think of You as the Source of all Purity

and Intelligence. Association with You by

offering all to You brings us back to our

original purity and fulfillment.


Pervading and transcending intelligence,

awareness, consciousness, and I AM,

You are called You, Allah, Atman,

Paraman Atman, God, Brahman,

ParamBrahman, other names and

no name at all. Nonetheless, You are

    One, without a second, always present

    everywhere. We present these humble

    offerings of praise and thanksgiving 

      to You. This is how we are improving

          ourselves and our community.