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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Karma Yoga

Offering 12

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The more our consciousness, is aligned with

awareness, and intelligence is aligned and

infused with Divine Intelligence, the better

consciousness can screen for only edifying

thoughts to enter consciousness.


Edifying thoughts help us remember You as

the Supreme Intelligence of all. You are within

and beyond form, formlessness, uncreated,

created, and any other dualities. 


We offer to You as the Source of Supreme

Wisdom. Through this offering we are

remembering You.


As a result of remembering You, we are

resurrecting from a more or less dead level

of existence to and everlasting life of

Tranquil Bliss. 


True resurrection is when we are rising out of

Maya to freedom in the Limitless, Eternal, Self.

This is the goal of our endeavors here at


Freedom is our birthright. It is is the

birthright of all existence. All have their

individual Karma. Nonetheless, all have

have their potential for union with You.


Constant remembrance of You is enlightening

our intelligence. We are seeing ways to

freedom from Karma, the wheel of cause and

effect, reaping and sowing.


Offering all to you, including our suffering

and joy, helps us remember You while we are

transcending the law of Karma. 


You are always transcendental to the law

of Karma. This law states that whatever

we send into the life of others, eventually

returns to our own.


By offering to You and remembering you,

we are raising our intelligence and liberating

ourselves from Karma.


We see that this union with You is being

accomplished by associating with You

through this spiritual practice of offering

to, and remembering You.


This practice aligns consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence with You. Slowly, but

surely, our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are aligning with You and being



We are really being born again as a result of Your

purifying association. We now identify as what

we really are, Eternal Spirit, in quality One with



We were once dominated by the most subtle

opponent, ego. In that state of ignorance, we

identified as a temporary physical, mental, or

intellectual, being.


Now, illumined with Your association, our nature

is returning to its proper spiritual identity.

Offering all to You and remembering You are

the spiritual tools we are using to accomplish

this transformation.


We offer to You as our Greatest Possibility.

Our spiritual practice of remembering You is

about bringing our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence back into harmony or

alignment with You. 


Return to Supreme Being, Divine Intelligence,

is accomplished by intelligence, awareness, and

and consciousness being brought back into

alignment or harmony with You.


Consciousness, awareness, and intelligence are

purified, and brought back into harmony with

You, as a result of your association.