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Karma Yoga

Offering 12

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The more our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence are aligned with You

 the better they can screen out thoughts,

 images, and knowledge in general that 

   are not edifying, do not focus us toward

union with You.


Edifying thoughts help us remember You,

 thereby empowering us to associate with 

You.  You are the Most Awake and

 Supreme Pure.  So to wake up and regain

 our original  purity, associating with

 You is crucial.


We offer to You as the Source of Supreme

Wisdom. Through this offering we are

remembering You as within and

 beyond consciousness, awareness, and 



At this point in our awakening, we are

remembering You as Greater than 

the Most High, within  and beyond 

knowledge, knower, knowing, and

 known.  We remember You as the Self

 Existing One, full  of Ecstatic Bliss and

 Total Fulfillment


As a result of remembering You, we 

are resurrecting ourselves from 

more or less dead, unethical, level of 

existence to an upright, honorable, 

  everlasting life, full of understanding 

and fulfillment.


True resurrection is when we are rising 

out of Maya to freedom in the Limitless, 

Eternal, Self.  As we remember It, this 

Self is Brahman, our Heritage, our

almost forgotten Balm of Eternal  Bliss.


The goal of our endeavors here at is

 Spiritual freedom in union with You,

 our Supreme Spirit


Freedom is our Heritage.  In fact, it is the 

Heritage of all  sentient beings, and it is 

spiritual.  However, because of our 

forgetfulness of You, we have been

  suffering in the material concept of life,



Constant remembrance of You is our 

way off the wheel of Karma, and out of 

Maya.  In the process, we regain our 

self-knowledge, self-respect, integrity, 

and our Divine Dignity.


You are the Most Pure and the Source of 

all Dignity.  Calling You Names and 

offering all to You is association with 

You.  This association with You purifies 

us out from  under and above the 

indignity of Maya.  Gradually we rise 

 into the Most Dignified Greatness of

our Divine Existence.


The remembrance of You is enlightening

our intelligence. We are seeing ways to

freedom from Karma, the  cause and

effect, reaping and sowing, which keeps 

us entangled in Maya.


Offering all to you, including our suffering

and joy, helps us remember You, be

 purified and transcend the law of Karma.  

By associating with You in this way, we are

    enlightening our intelligence while 

 continuing on this well used path to union

with You.


We see that this union with You is being

accomplished by associating with You.

Through this spiritual practice of offering

to You, and calling out Your Names, we 

are associating with You. Thus, we are

 remembering You, and reawakening back

into union with You.


This spiritual practice of remembering 

You aligns consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence with You. We are being born 

again. Slowly, but surely, our 

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are aligning with You and 

being purified of lust, anger, greed, 

illusion, madness, and envy. 


We are really being born again as a result

of Your purifying association. We are now

identifying as Eternal Spirit, in quality one

with You. This Supreme Spirit can also 

be identified as Pure Consciousness,  

Pure Awareness, or  Pure Intelligence. 


We prefer to identify this Supreme 

Spirit, God, as the Light of  Divine 

Intelligence, the informer of 

Consciousness,  Awareness and lower 

intelligence. Without this Light of

 Divine Intelligence, God, intelligence,

consciousness nor awareness would

know what to do.


Increasingly illumined with Your association,

our intelligence is returning to its proper

spiritual identity and power. Offering

all to You and remembering You are the

spiritual tools we are using to accomplish

this transformation.


We offer to You as our Greatest Possibility.

Our spiritual practice of remembering You is

about bringing our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence back into harmony or

alignment with You. This is enlightenment.

This is our return to our Supreme Being, our

 return to Home.