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Karma Yoga

Offering 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The Aether and water are named 

differently yet they are basically the

 same everywhere.  So You too are

named differently. Nonetheless, You

 are the Same everywhere.


The major psychological impairment at 

the root of our spiritual pathology is the

mistaken belief that the Self is a material,

mental, intellectual or ego entity. 


We offer all we think, feel, will, say and 

do to You. This association with You

 causes us to awaken from ignorance

 of Self into union with You.


We awaken experiencing the fact that You,

the Self, are the Witness, the knower of the

light of consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence.  At the utmost, You are 

The Most High, beyond knower, 

knowledge, and known.


The solution to the problems of our life is 

our having a consistent and ever growing

experience of You. We are having this

 experience and remembering You by

hearing about You, calling out Your 

Names and offering You everything.  In

 this way, we are working for You

 through others, places, things, and 



We offer to You who are within and beyond

the totality of creation, maintenance, and

destruction. This is our work for You, our

offering, our surrender, our service, our

submission to You. The point is to 

remember You.


We remember You, and offer to You as

Brahman, within and beyond the 

Light of Divine Intelligence. You are 

saturating and transcending the 

Totality of Consciousness,  Awareness,

 and Intelligence.


Our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are purified by our

 association with You. This enables us 

 to remember You increasingly with our 

Eye of  Discernment, our Third Eye, as

 our light, and the Light of Intelligence 

ad infinitum.


 We are remembering You as Greater than

 the Most High, and using the name the 

Most High because  this particular name

 corresponds to what we have experienced,

 supported  by revealed scriptures, Holy

 people,  and where we remember we 

were and  what was happening before 

we doubted and fell into the temporary 

material worlds.  


These Holy Scriptures and Holy people 

are sprinkled throughout Our Word.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and

Omniscient are qualifications for

our Supreme Being, our Supreme 

Being is within and beyond that also. 


You, the Most High, are within and 

beyond our Light of  Divine

 Intelligence. Your Omniscience, 

Omnipotence, and Omnipresence 

are pervading, and  transcending 

the totality of all consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence.  Our 

"Ticket" back to  Home, back to You, 

our Source, is to  remember You in all 

we think, feel, will, say, and do.


God is always the subject, never

confined as an object, can only be

experienced as the Self, never seen

or known. Nonetheless, the straight

path to union with You is to always

think of You. Offering to You helps

us do this. "Om Tat Va Sat" is a

Mantra we can use when offering to



If we do not care to use Aum Tat Va Sat,

we can simply say, "My Supreme Being,

please accept this humble offering."

We can say this, use whichever name is

dear to us, or no name at all.  


The important thing is to acknowledge

You, remember You, praise, and respect

 You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.

To us, this is worshiping You in the

best of possible ways, at this stage of 

our awakening.


You exists here now, in this moment. 

You are always here.  The only one 

who  will not and cannot leave us is

      You.  Everything else is transitory.  It 

 has no endurance.  You have no



In the strict sense of the word exist, 

transitory things do not exist.  Constant 

remembrance of You helps us awaken

to this fact.  The illusion is seemingly

everything other than You.  However, it

has a beginning middle and end, it has 

closure.  It does not exist.  Having no 

beginning, nor closure, You are the only



You are this Eternal foundation;  One 

who can never leave us, disappoint nor 

disintegrate in any way, shape, or 

fashion.  We  offer to You as the One,

 the Greatest, the Self Produced, 

Supreme Being. You are within all 

creation yet the totality of all creation

 cannot contain You.


We offer to You as the illuminated One 

who illuminates all. Our intelligence,

 spiritual development, elevation, and 

total union with You depends on Your 

  Grace and illuminating Omniscience.