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Karma Yoga

Offering 10

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


You are the Supreme Pure.  We offer to

 You for our greatest Spiritual purification.  

 Gradually, due to Your association, we

are pure enough to awaken, recognize 

Maya, rise, stay out of Its illusions, and

 slowly come back to Your loving 



Offering to You and chanting Your Holy

 Names gets us out of the misery of

Maya.   It does this by by helping us 

associate with You.  Associating with 

You, we are purified, awakening to

    who "Hu" we really are.


Our task is to increase our ability to 

remember You more.  We are doing 

this by hearing about You, speaking 

about You, chanting Your Holy Names

 and offering You everything.


We offer to You.  Our greatest  

remembrance of You is as the Most

Superior Vibratory Excellence, God.

  The grandest vibrational experience that

 can be recalled by me, is as bright as a

 firefly in the light of the midday sun in 

 the presence of God.


Brahman is the Divine Ecstasy of 

Supreme Being, within and beyond

 states of consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence.  It is Vibratory Ecstasy of 

Ultimate Being, beyond knower, 

knowledge, and known, one with the 

Supreme Tranquility of Being.


We are able to experience our Oneness

 with Brahman and Supreme 

Tranquility of Being by Your Grace, 

 the purification process of offering 

    everything to You, and chanting Your 

Holy Names. 


Offering to You, we are remembering

You. Consequently, we are rising out of

Maya and back into conscious union

with You.  The more we engage in this 

spiritual practice of remembering You

life becomes more meaningful and 

easier to live.


Always offering to You is the pathless path,

to union with You.  It is always here. 

Increasingly, our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence are purified.  Finally, we are

transcending Karma, and our suffering in

Maya is slowly coming to an end.

Avadhuta Gita


Offering to You and calling out Your 

Names, with ever increasing certainty, 

we know that It is You who are here, 

within and beyond our own

 intelligence, awareness, and



In this moment, we are experiencing

 Your Presence guiding us ever better 

into ultimate union with You.  The 

   Ultimate Reality, our Light of Divine 

 Intelligence, You are God, beyond 

noise, silence, and all 



We offer to You as the Source of unlimited

names, infinite beauty and boundless

blessings. Thank You for accepting these

humble offerings of praise and



We offer to You as the source of the

 boundless transcendental happiness that 

is pervading and transcending every 

negative and positive vibration,

and the Infinite Stillness of Being.  


Offering to You helps us to always think 

of You. Always thinking of You leads to

concentration on You. This guides us into

meditation on You who are beyond

 meditator, meditation, and meditating.


Constantly and patiently offering to You 

and meditating on You brings us back into

conscious union with You who are within

 and beyond  I  AM.  Thank You for helping

 us remember  You and live consciously in 

Your Tranquil, Loving, Omnipresence



Offering to You, we awaken, returning to

You, our Origin. With Your purifying

association, we better see and serve You

in each other and each other in You.

  Gradually we see, there is no other. You

 are the only reality.


We see that our primary duty is to see and

serve You in everything everywhere. We see

You as Omnipresent, Omniscient,

Omnipotent.  At the greatest point, we only 

experience our oneness with Brahman.


In fact, offering all to You, We are coming

into ever greater alignment with You. We

are experiencing the fact that the more we

align with You, we really are increasingly

supported by Your Omnipotence,

 Omniscience, and Your Omnipresence.


All praises to You, the Greatest of Divinity,  

within and beyond Intelligence, Awareness,

 and Consciousness.  You are pervading and

 transcending the totality of all

manifestation including Omnipotence, 

Omnipresence, and Omniscience; Knower, 

Knowledge, and Known.  We offer our

 homage to You alone.  Certainly,  You 

are the only One worthy of worship.