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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga

Praise 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We are meditating on You as the 

Divine Intelligence which pervades 

and transcends Space and Silence.  

Also, we are always thinking of You 

by praising and thanking You in all

 circumstances.  This is enlightening

our intelligence and leading us into

 union with You, our Light of Divine 



To the extent our Intelligence, 

Awareness,  and Consciousness are

 purified and aligned with You, they

are better empowered to repel

unedifying thoughts and allow 

edifying thoughts in for our uplift 

and union with You.


Within purified consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence, our thinking, feeling,

willing and doing are cleaner, quieter, and

more in union with You, the Light of Divine



You are our Light of Divine Intelligence,

 the Uncreated, Self-existent Supreme

 Being, from whom all intelligence

 emanates, in whom all intelligence is 

maintained and within whom all 

intelligence returns. 


 The more our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence are purified by aligning 

with You, the more we manifest 

Righteousness:  Right View, Right 

Concentration, Right Mindfulness, 

Right Thoughts, Right Effort, Right

 Livelihood, Right Behaviour, and 

Right Speech. 


Righteousness is treating others with 

dignity, great love and respect, even

 better than we would like those to

 whom we hold most dear treated.


Gradually, by always thinking of You,

 we are gradually cleansed of impurities 

and slowly raised to this platform of

 Divine Thinking and Simple, Godly 



We know You as our One, Supreme,

Divine Intelligence, within and beyond

all names, forms, and formlessness. You

are the Infinite, the All Mighty Power of

all, pervading and transcending all.


Returning to You, the Source of our

 History, our Culture, our Spiritual

 Integrity, we are seeing how to

  transcend and stay out of captivity

  in the illusion of Maya. 


                                Now, we have begun seeing You,

                                 with our Inner eye, as our Divine 

                                        Intelligence pervading and 

                                  transcending  intelligence, awareness, 

                                                  and consciousness. 



          We think of You as the smallest of the

                                      small and the biggest of the big,

                                    simultaneously.  You are the Eternal

                                          Witness within and beyond the

                                    universe, pervading and transcending 

                                    all, including the space between

                                                    subatomic  particles.


We reclaim our identity, rebuild our 

culture, and are restored to our original

 union with You as we study and

practice praising, thanking, and

 remembering You.

This spiritual practice purifies our
consciousness, awareness, and
intelligence; thereby helping us
remain our of Maya and constantly
awakening to You.


The spirituality of our Most Righteous 

and Divinely Intelligent ancestors 

 consists of  Praise and thanksgiving,

 prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right

 association, and meditation, with You 

     at the center and for whom all is done.


We are striving to remember You ever

more.  Consequently, in addition to 

regaining purityand patience, we are 

reawakening to our original state of 

 Pure Intelligence, full  of complete 

comprehension and tranquil bliss.


We are experiencing that Praising and 

Thanking You is purifying and

 awakening our  consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence into union

 with You.  


With all the love and devotion at our

command, we thank You for Your

 association through this spiritual 

practice of praising and thanking 

  You.  We are remembering You who 

we had long forgotten.


As we praise and thank You, we very

naturally transcend the coarseness and 

misery of  life in the external world of 

material designations. 


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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