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 Jnana Yoga 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Thank You for showing us the importance

of fixing our consciousness on You. While

we are doing this, we are cleansing it of all

traces of anger, lust, and greed. Those

brigands are slowly being replaced with

compassion, love, and charity for all

sentient beings. In this way You are

resurrecting in our daily life.


Awakening and experiencing the reality of

You in our lives, we cease running from one

illusory thing to the next, thinking that the

next sense pleasure will surely bring freedom,

justice, joy and fulfillment. Thank You for

showing us how to get out of illusion and

attain freedom and salvation with diligence.


All merciful Supreme Being of the cosmos,

all we need is within You, who are within

and beyond our own Intelligence.


Pervading and transcending the totality of

all, material and spiritual, You are the

Supreme being of our most intelligent



Unconditional Love, You are the Supreme

Knower and Loving Awareness of all. All

praises to You. Thank You for showing us how

to be devoted to You through constant



Ever Unsulliable, Supremely Pure in all

respects, You are our Supreme Being, Ever

Existing without interruption. It is through

thinking of You that we purify our

consciousness and conquer the monarch of

beasts: Anger, lust, and greed.


It is because of those beasts: Anger, lust,

and greed, that consciousness is polluted

with negative thoughts and enslaved in the

relentless cycles of sufferings known as

the material worlds. We rise out of that

morass by always thinking of You.


Excerpt from a poem by Shamugam

" You’re not your body and you’re not your mind;

Not knowing the timeless truth makes you blind;

You’re not your story and you’re not your thoughts;

You’re not those age old, buried mental knots.

You’re not that chattering voice in your head;

You’re not anything that you did or said;

You’re not anything that you have or know

You’re the truth that is watching all this show!

You’re not anything that can be perceived;

You’re not an object that can be observed;

You’re the screen where the world is being played;

You’re the emptiness where the form is made.

You’re the one witnessing the mind and breath;

You’re one without two, beyond birth and death;

Like the air trapped in a small round bubble,

You feel separate which brings all the trouble.

Inquire inside and wake up from this dream!

Let truth alone shine like a bright white beam!

By inquiry, your illusions will break;

You’ll stop mistaking the rope for a snake”

Excerpt from a poem by Shamugam


You are always with us as Eternal,

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Divine

Intelligence. Pervading and transcending

all vibration, You are within and beyond

the Most Subtle Stillness with is beyond

Quarks and metaphysical phenomena.


We think of You as the foundation, the

Changeless Source of all change. Thank

You for showing us how submitting all

we think, will, feel, say, and do to You,

is working for the betterment of all

Sentient Beings throughout the



You are the Source of all peace, prosperity,

and boundless inner and outer joy. Thank

You for revealing to us a methodology for

purifying our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence; thereby redeeming

ourselves from the suffering of repeated

death and birth in Maya.


You, Supreme Intelligence, are the only

one worthy of worship. More subtle than

the either and eternally present everywhere,

no image or sound can confine nor define



Neither can any name define You. You are

within and beyond name, namelessness,

formlessness and form, this and that.


Divine Intelligence, You are the Power

within, and behind all Righteous, Royal

Thrones, and the most humblest of



Thank You for showing us how to fix our

consciousness on You by offering all to You

and constantly calling out one or some of

Your infinite Names.


Chanting Your names and offering all to You

are some of the primary tools we are using

to help us in our efforts to stay out of the

insanity of Maya, and experience conscious

union with You.


You are the Heart, the Omnipresent Center,

the Soul of our life. The Infinite Intelligence

within and beyond the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of all Sentient

Beings, is what You are, and More.


Thank You for accepting these humble

submissions of prayer, glorification, and

thanksgiving to You. Om Tat Sat.


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