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 Jnana Yoga 6

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are our Supreme Power and

our only Redeemer. The internal and

external spiritual and material worlds

are pervaded and transcended by You.

Absorption in You alone purifies and

grants transcendence over the powers

of the material and spiritual worlds.


We thank our good Karma, our

Ancestors, and You, for awakening

our discrimination and guiding us

in the Right way to experience You.


Learning about You, being Your true

disciple, offering all to You, and

meditating on You, we align with



You are within all, yet always

transcendental to the powers of the

material and spiritual worlds.

Becoming absorbed in You through

constant remembrance, we rise

beyond the powers of the material

and spiritual worlds.


Tranquility, satisfaction, bliss

comprehension, and fulfillment

are some of the qualities of Your

world of Pure Goodness and

Everlasting Mercy. It is at hand,

experienceable and available to



Remembering You we are associating

with You and being absorbed in You.

Gradually, we are being purified of lust,

anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy.


This purification process of associating

with You is causing us to rise from the

suffering of Maya into Your World of

Pure Goodness, Everlasting Mercy, and

Transcendental Bliss.


Now we know from research, experience,

and reflection, You alone are our Redeemer,

our Center Point, and the Source of Our

Balance, Our Steadiness, Uprightness, and

Purity of Being.


The more we are absorbed in Your

Goodness, Mercy, and Tranquility, we

want to be on the side of Truth, Justice,

Righteousness, Love, Peace, Security,

and Freedom.


The more we are cleansed, primarily by

becoming evermore absorbed in You, our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are is purified and raised.


Absorption in You by constant

remembrance is the way we are

cleansing our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence, bringing them into

union, alignment, with You again. 


Remembering You is the real soul

food. It that purifies and absorbs us

ever more into Your Being. We

absorb our being in You by Jnana

Yoga, Bhakti, Karma Yoga, and

Raja Yoga.


These four Yogas help us remember

You by hearing about You, speaking

about You, serving You, chanting

Your Holy Names, and meditating

on You.


Practicing the four Yogas allow us,

at any time to dovetail our lives in

such a way that we are always being

absorbed in You. This way, we are

purified, the ego, the "I am this

material designation is purged from our



Simultaneously, while "I" is being purged

from our existence, Original, Primeval

Intelligence, the Eternal Light of Divine

Intelligence, shines forth.


This Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence

is within and beyond all consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence. As

purification occurs, It is revealed as

the Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence,

the Source of all intelligence.


Our deepest gratitude to You for revealing

to us how to practically elevate ourselves by

our Higher Selves using the spiritual practice

of absorbing our total being in You.


Thank You for our ability to experience

Your loving presence by being gradually

absorbed in It. Absorption in You is the

primary power behind our personal and

most positive self-development and sober



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