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Jnana Yoga

Praise 2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayathri.


You are our Primary Ancestor, our

Divine Reality, the Supreme

Authority, the Ultimate Giver

of Orders, the Greatest Leader,

within and beyond all.


We explore the inner world of the

Self by fixing our attention on You.

We do this by seeing the self as Spirit,

studying about You, chanting Your

Holy Name, offering You everything,

and always praising and thanking



The consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are purified, as a

consequence of aligning with You.


Right view, right concentration, right

mindfulness, right thought, right

effort, right livelihood, right behavior,

and right speech come forth as a

natural condition of aligning with You.


It is natural to love each other

as we love ourselves, the more we

align with You.


Through aligning with You, there

is purification of our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence. As this

happens, we experience the so-called

other as our very self.


We think of You as the Only Reality,

the only changeless One. Everything

else has a beginning and an end

within You.


We think of You as the Greatest

Reality, the Supreme Soul of all

Sentient Beings. By awakening

to You, the Supreme Love at the

Source of all, we reawaken to

our love for all. 


Jnana Yoga, the spiritual practice

of knowing, praising and thanking

You, purifies the consciousness,

awareness, and intellect.


Purification happens through the

power of Your association.

Virtuousness is a natural quality

that we reawaken to as we engage

in this Jnana Yoga purification



We know of You as Pure Intelligence,

of Infinite, Blissfilled Tranquility.

Pure, edifying thoughts are

attracted to our consciousness as a

consequence of associating with You.

From purity of thought comes purity

of character.


From purity of character comes a life

of truth, righteousness, love, and

peace. Thus is the negativity, the Self

misidentification, the suffering which

comes from contamination of the

consciousness, gradually purified

and eliminated from our life. 


Gradually, with purification, we

reawaken to the fact we are not a

physical being trying to have a

spiritual experience. We are an

eternal spiritual being having a

temporary material experience.


Associating with You, through this

spiritual practice of Jnana Yoga,

we are constantly purifying and

raising our consciousness, awareness,

and intellect to ever greater plateaus

of excellence.   


By this Jnana Yoga practice,

We are constantly experiencing

greater levels of wisdom,

enlightenment, freedom, security,

and peace.


Aligning consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence with You, we are

gradually becoming purified,

disentangled and liberated into

union with You, the Light of

Divine Intelligence. 


Gradually, as we dovetail the

activities of our lives to attaining

reawakening with You, we are seeing

You as the all pervasive substratum

pervading and transcending of all

consciousness, awareness, and



This Jnana Yoga spiritual practice

certainly purifies our consciousness,

awareness, and intellect, while

empowering us to be a force of

unity, recognizing and respecting

the creeds of all sentient beings. 


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