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Jnana Yoga

Praise 18 

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Our origin is You, no nation, creed, color, or

race binds us in their illusions. We are spirit,

temporarily trapped in the illusion, Maya.


In that illusion, many of us seem to believe the

self is material and will return to earth at death.


asserts that the Self is Soul, Spirit, or 

Intelligence.  It is never born nor does it ever die. 

 Its ultimate goal is union with You, the Supreme

 Soul, Spirit, or Inteligence.


As we awaken, we see and understand 

that this Supreme Soul is You, Pure

 Intelligence, within and above

consciousness, awareness, and

ordinary intelligence.


You are this Eternal Witness, the 

Changeless Observer and Knower of 

 birth, growth, old-age, disease, and 



The ultimate goal of our life is reunion

 with You, the Source of all Intelligence. 

We are using the Yogas of Jnana, Bhakti,

 Karma, and Raja Yoga to accomplish 

this objective.


the beginning of this spiritual practice is 

to always think of You.  It purifies the

consciousness in which thoughts

concentrate, agitate, or elevate,

   according to the impurity or purity

of the consciousness.


Our origin is You, no nation, creed, color,

or race binds us in their illusions. We are

practicing with patience, determined to

awaken out of Maya, reawakening to



We are spirit, temporarily caught up in the

illusion, Maya.  In that illusion, we are

struggling very hard, trying to have a 

permanent, happy, and fulfilled life in a

 temporary world of illusion. 


We are eternal spirit, in quality one with

You. The One, Eternal, Supreme Spirit, the

 Absolute Awareness, which gives life, light, 

and power to all, is You. There is no sentient 

nor insentient being that is not pervaded and

 transcended by You.


As we associate with You through our practice 

of Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, and Raja Yoga,  our

intelligence, consciousness, and awareness are

 purified, freed from thoughts, and quieted 

again.  At this stage, we are empowered to

   meditate on You as the Light of Divine 

Intelligence, within and beyond our present 



When we are enlighten with the knowledge

whereby ignorance of Self is destroyed, we

are reestablished in our Real Self. This is

the Eternal, Omnipresent Peace which is

the Supreme Intelligence within and beyond

all genders, designations and classifications.


Your reign of Tranquility pervades,

and transcends the us Earth and all the 

earth. The Earth and all of us are within

You.  Nonetheless, Your completeness can

 never be totally contained. 


This Eternal, Omnipresent, Completeness is

You. It is the home we never really left, like

the wave that never really left the ocean. You

are this Omnipresence we cannot, and do not

want to leave. Everything, including Maya is

within Your Eternal Omnipresence.


The True Self cannot leave Your Omnipresence.

It pervades, yet is beyond the field of action

and inaction, dishonor and honor, cause and

effect, life and death, immanence and



According to Our Word, the ultimate goal of

life, as spirit, is reunion with You, the Eternal,

Divine Intelligence. This experience is a

reawakening, a return to the Source of all

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.


We think of You as the One Enduring

Spiritual Principle, the All Attractive Love.

Within and beyond all genders, non-genders

and species of life, You are the One

Fundamental Quintessence, the One that is

within and beyond gross and subtle, past

and future. You are the Eternal Now.


For Our Word, the material world is, always

has been, and always will be a place of

ignorance where the suffering cycles of

oppressive and exploitative birth, disease,

old - age and death are constantly taking



Our Word is presented as an offering to

You. In this way, we associate with You.

By Your association, our consciousness

awareness, and intelligence are purified.

Gradually, we awaken, back into our

 Eternal Spiritual World.