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Jnana Yoga

Praise 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Thank You for helping us, for guiding us,

and protecting us in our humble efforts

to come closer to You in every effort.


May we never despair, give up nor weaken,

in this quest for ever greater union with

You, our Original Nature.  


Thoughts are within consciousness.  Feelings

come out of thoughts.  Willing arises from

feelings. Doing comes from willing.

Suffering comes to us as a consequence of

our own wicked doing. The more our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are pure, the more our thoughts are pure,

and we rise out of the suffering of Maya.


Purification means our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence, as consequence

 of our association with You, is purified

 of the contaminating influences of anger,

 lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy.  


Purification happens as a result of aligning

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

with You.  As a result of this purification of 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

gradually our suffering ends.


Suffering ends because consciousness, 

awareness,  and intelligence are cleansed

 of thoughts contaminated with lust, anger, 

 greed, illusion, madness, and envy.


Association with You, by always thinking of 

You is our main engine of purification.

Before time, places, and all circumstances

You existed, pervading and transcending all

beginnings, middles, and ends. Before

Alpha, the space between Mu and Nu, and

after Omega, You exist, pervading and

transcending all.


Association engenders assimilation. This

spiritual practice offered at everlasting

omnipresent is an ongoing

purificatory process; it enables us to

consider and practice ways to associate

with You, the Divine Intelligence at the

foundation of all intelligence.


We think of You as the Most Pure

Intelligence, existing within and beyond

all genders, creeds, nationalities, colors,

breeds, classes, hybrids, and species.  


It is our own ignorance of Self, and 

contemplating the objects of the senses,

that causes us to fall into lust.  Lust, 

Anger, and Greed are contamitant

 partners, keeping us suffering in the

 illusory energy, Maya.  


Because of those three, even good Karma

is a trap. We cannot work our way out

of Karma by doing good. We always think

You, become Your devotee, worship You

 and offer all to You.  This is the way we are

 transcending Karma and reawakening to 



Before there were any scriptures You

existed, and we were offering all to You.

Before there were any "Holy" places of

pilgrimage, You existed. You existed then,

and You exist now.


This awakening is Everlasting, Omniscient,

Peace, our original nature. This is where we

were blissfully existing before we fell into

Your illusory energy, Maya.


How we fell or why we fell into Maya is not

as important as how to get out and stay out

of It.  Our spiritual practice, as articulated

here at,

is a way out of Your illusory energy, back to

our original state of Sat Chid Ananda:

Eternity, Comprehension, and Bliss. 


We get out of Maya by aligning our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

with You, the Eternal Light of Divine 

Intelligence.  As this happens, we are 

gradually reinstated in our

original nature:  An eternal life, within 

and beyond  birth and death, knowledge

 and ignorance:  Tranquil Bliss.


You are the Most Wise, the only Praise

Worthy One, Supremely Exalted.  For our

self-refinement, greatest liberation, and

consciousness reunion with You, we

Submit all to You alone, and Meditate on

You. This spiritual practice reinstates us

here, now, in our original nature of

Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.


We think of You as Supreme power, the Divine

Intelligence of our Greatest Comprehension.

Thank You for helping us remember You

and be victorious when the frustration

and confusion of Maya threatens us.


You are within and outside of the Cosmic

Manifestation. The more we are blessed to

remember You, the quicker we are freed

from Your illusory quagmire, and exist in

our pure nature of Omnipresent, Eternal