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Jnana Yoga

Praise 12

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are beyond all concepts of female,

male, black, white, wrong right, and all

other dualities. You are our Greatest 

Identity, and the Source of our history

 and culture. 



Moreover, You are our Greatest Expansion

of consciousness, our Clearest Awareness,

and the Most Enlightened of all levels of

our Intelligence.


By thinking of You and praising You,

we are gradually experiencing the Self as

intelligence within the intelligence in this

body, and You as Divine Intelligence

within and beyond the intelligence of 

every body.


As a result of intellectually seeing 

You within the intelligence of all, our

life is always enhanced, renewed, and

 advanced; our preparation, practice, 

and production are always improving, 

and our state of being is ever more 



Praising and thanking You, our Supreme

Intelligence, helps us to think of You.

Consequently, our consciousness, 

awareness,  and intelligence are becoming

increasingly cleansed of lust, anger, and



As cleanliness of our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence is occurring,

we are comprehending more and more

Your indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme

Absolute Nature. You are living within and

beyond our present level of intelligence, 

awareness, and consciousness.


We think of You as the Source of all

living beings. The creativity, power, and

intelligence we exhibit throughout our

universe is but a spark coming from

 You, the Light of Divine Intelligence.


You are at the center of all we think, feel,

will, say, and do.  We are thinking

of You and experiencing Your 

Omnipresence through this spiritual

 practice of by Praising and Thanking

You in all we are doing.


You are within and beyond Space

and Silence. Pervading and

transcending all, You are the eternal

witness of the comings and goings of

all Manifestations within Silence and 



We think of You as the Source of the

intelligence of the Cosmos. Our Word is

an offering for You, the One who inspires

and understands all. To no other being is

our offering brought.


We think of You as the association Who

/Which clarifies our comprehension.  Our 

sincere thanks to You for assisting us

 in our awakening to our Divinity,

Your Nature of Pure Intelligence.


This knowledge of You as Omnipresence, 

Omniscience, and Omnipotence, we are

 now awakening to.  This is happening by

 the grace of our good Karma enabling

 us to rise to Your Divine Association.


Your Divine Association revolves 

around always thinking of  You. The

 more we think of You, we become 

devoted to You. The more we are 

devoted to You, we offer everything to 

You.  In his way, we are awakening to 

Your Omnipresence.


We are evermore devoted to You

and chanting Your Holy Name in the

 midst of mundane activities. This

spiritual practice is decalcifying our

 Pineal Gland, and bringing our 

Consciousness, Awareness, and 

Intelligence back into alignment

 with You.


Silence, the Stillness of space and the

illusion of time are all within You.

By aligning with You, we are gradually

 experiencing more of the true nature

of the Self as part and partial, one in 

quality with You.


This knowledge of You is supported by

 research, observation, experience, 

Meditation and reflection. 


  • Moreover, we Meditate on You by
  •  chanting  Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, 
  • chanting Gayatri, concentrating on the
  •  light and darkness of Space, listening 
  • to "The Sound of Silence" and seeing
  •  the Self, as the Eternal Light Divine
  •  Intelligence.


Our Word is Transformative Process.

for our Self- Restoration from a material

concept of life, back to our original

 spiritual nature.  It is all being done as 

an offering to You.


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