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Jnana Yoga

Praise 10 

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Remembering You is our primary tool

for cleansing our consciousness, awareness,

and intellect from the sinful grasp of lust.

To the degree we are free of Lust, we are

 free from the oppression and terror of 

Maya.  Simultaneously, we are awakening

 into our Divine Intelligence.


Our spiritual development is powered

by our ability to remember You. We do

this by dovetailing our life activities in a

way that, in the final analysis, we are

thinking of You.


Remembering You, we raise ourselves by

ourselves from the wretchedness of Maya.

Gradually we are restoring ourselves to 

our Divine Intelligence.


We know from our research,

observation and experience, that real help

comes from remembering You.   We do

this by praising You, thanking You,

offering everything to You, in all

circumstances, and meditating on You.


Offering praise and thanksgiving to

You is Surrendering to You. Surrendering

to You is serving You. Chanting Your Holy

Names and Glories is speaking and hearing

about You. Thus, hearing, chanting, serving,

and remembering You, we associate with

You.  In this way, and by Your Grace, we

awakening to You, our Light of Divine



The art and science of remembering You

through praising and thanking You is

enhanced by consciously surrendering all

to You. All that we think feel, will, say,

and do, we surrender to You. The purpose

of this spiritual practice is to bring us ever

closer to conscious union with You. 


Thank You for revealing to us this ancient

method of purifying our consciousness,

awareness and intellect by always praising

and thanking You.


By praising and thanking You constantly,

we edify, quiet, as well as purify our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.

This empowers our consciousness to 

entertain better, more edifying thoughts. 

 Furthermore, it illuminates and sharpens 

our awareness, while purifying and 

further enlightening our intelligence.


You are beyond characterless and

character, personality and impersonality.

All life has its origin and dissolution in You,

the Supreme Pure, Metaphysical

One. By Your grace and mercy we are

able to offer these humble words of praise

and thanksgiving to You; by doing so, we

purify and enrich our own character.


While supporting and sustaining all attributes

of reality, You pervade and transcend substance

and space. Thank You for helping us remember

to praise and thank You through all stages and

levels of our consciousness, awareness, and



We associate with You through constant

remembrance of You. We remember You

by praising and thanking You, offering all 

to You, and by chanting Your Holy Names.


Beyond negative and positive, You are the

Source of Kundalini,  the Supreme Energy,

 the Spiritual Force which we experience 

and transmit internally and externally in

 various small degrees.  Some of us have 

experienced this Kundalini in various 

magnitudes and know it as Aura, the Electro 

Magnetic Field, or powerful Vibratory

 Ecstatic Bliss.


By rekindling our love for You through

this science of Jnana Yoga, we awaken to

our dormant love for You. As this

happens, our love for all living entities

is aroused.


All life is One in You and You are the One

in all life. Like a child offering the vastness

of the Galaxies a very small leaf or a few

drops of water, we offer You our humble

praise and thanksgiving with all of the

love and respect we have at this moment.  


You are our Divine Intelligence, known as

God in most of the western world. Our most

righteous Inner and External Teacher,

Leader, Guide, and Most Dear Friend, You

are Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and

Omnipotent, the Ever-Well Wisher of all.


Our primary business is to remember You by

every means we have. The more we are able

to do this, the better we are able to transcend

the so-called stressings and blessings of the

material world. They are both temporary,

therefore unreal and not worth striving

against or for. Remembering You, the

eternal, we transcend all illusions and

experience Your ever present tranquil



Aum is Your Primordial, Primeval Word.

It arises out of the Pure, Divine intelligence

of No-thingness.


This No-Thingness is the most subtle, beyond

preons, point particles. It is conceived of as

sub-components of quarks and leptons.

You, within and beyond prions, are the Most

intelligent and subtlest of all. Therefore, You

are greater than No-thing.


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