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Jnana Yoga

Praise 1

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayathri.


Praise be to You, Supreme

Intelligence. We think of You

as the Super Soul, the Light of

Divine Intelligence in and beyond



We think of You as Invincible,

Infinite in Capability, Intelligence,

and Creativity, full of unlimited

Knowledge and Bliss.  


Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

The Destroyer is beyond destruction

and non-destruction;

The Sustainer is beyond sustaining

and non-sustaining.

Indeed, how could substance or the

dissolution of substance exist here?

The Reality is unchanging, like the

formless sky.

Saptamo adhyayah

Chapter 7, Verse 11

Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya


We believe You are Supreme Spirit,

bigger than the biggest, smaller

than the smallest, and beyond,

simultaneously. We remember You 

by studying about You from the 

various  scriptures, philosophies and 

philosophers  of the world. this is our 

Jnana Yoga.


We believe You are the Greatest Benefit,

the Absolute Truth with whom there

is none to compare. In You, our own

Supreme Being, there are no over

supplies nor shortages.


We believe You, the Source of all

energy, creativity, and intelligence,

pervade and transcend all Names,

Forms, Functions, Systems, Sound,

Silence, Space, Nothing, and



According to our research,

observation, experience, and

reflection, You are Supreme

Intelligence, pervading and

informing consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence,



We believe You are truly the

Supreme Being, and that the Suns

Moons, and all the Solar Systems

have their origin, maintenance, and

their dissolution in You. 


We believe that You are the

Ultimate Source and Most

Intelligent Substance within

and beyond the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of



Praising and Thanking You in all

circumstances, and at all times,

purifies our being at all levels.  


As our being is being purified at all

levels, we begin to see and experience

You, the Omnipresent Light of

Divine Intelligence.


From our research, observation,

experience, and reflection, we

know that You are the One,

Indivisible, undifferentiated,

Supreme Absolute.


This spiritual practice of Jnana

Yoga helps to keep out unproductive

negative thoughts. Simultaneously,

It assists in realigning our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence with You.


As a result of this Jnana Yoga

practice, we are sobering up. Our

intelligence is ever more keener and

clearer, and we are awakening to

greater states of Peace.


You are the Source of thought, the One at

the source of all being. You are all the

resources we will ever need, to do whatever

we need to do. Our business is to return to

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

in union with You.


The more we, as awareness, are purified by

associating with You through constant

remembrance, the more we can fearlessly

speak Truth, radiating Unconditional

Love for all.  


You, who are within and beyond

creation, maintenance, and

destruction. Also, You are

within and beyond I and Am,

noise and Silence, and any other



Within and beyond all, there is

nothing which You do not

comprehend. The more we know

about You, our Supreme Being, the

more we know about all.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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