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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 8

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are within and beyond AUM, Your

original, primeval Word. This Most, Pure,

Most Perfect, Most Beautiful, Universal

Sound, the Origin of all vibration, is

pervaded and transcended by You.


It is by Your Grace and our good Karma,

that we have experienced AUM. The most

important sacrifice we can make is 

chanting Your Holy Name and using our

intelligence to remember You.  


Studying about You is one way we

can remember You. Hearing about

You is another way. Chanting Your

Names is also way of remembering



Studying about You, we become more

attracted to You. This awakens and 

attracts our lower intelligence to You,

 Divine Intelligence


Studying about You and Awakening to

You as Omniscient, Divine Intelligence

helps us associate with You. This gives

us the power to keep unedifying

thoughts out of our consciousness, thus

returning the consciousness to Its

natural stillness and peace.


Associating with Your devotees is another

excellent way of remembering You.

Speaking about You in the company of

Your devotees helps us remember You.


Seeing and Serving You in all we think,

feel, will, say, and do, is another way of

remembering You.


Offering Prayers to You and Worshiping

You as Mother, Father, Friend, or Divine

Intelligence, is a way of remembering You.


Meditating on You as the Divine Light

within and beyond Form, Formlessness,

Silence, Sound; Sight, Darkness and

light, is another way of remembering



Following Your orders after close

scrutiny of Righteous instructions 

received during Meditation, or given

 in various Scriptures, is also a way of 

 remembering You.


Constently remembering You, we are

awakening to know You again. We are

awakening to value You again. We are

awakening to understand who You are

and where You are again.


We know You as unlimited purity, strength,

and subtly. Earth, water, fire, air, and aether

are saturated and surpassed by You; so,

too is consciousness, awareness, intellect

and intelligence.


We know You as the Knower of the

Screen of Consciousness. You pervade

and transcend It, Awareness, and

Lower Intelligence.


Association with You, Divine Intelligence,

 that is above and permeates Awareness, 

and enlightens  our intelligence. This 

enlightens our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence.  


From enlightened awareness comes

the ability to discern which, if any,

thoughts should be allowed into

consciousness, and which if any

should not be allowed.


If the thoughts which are attracted

to consciousness are unedifying,

enlightened Intellect does not allow

them to enter.


If thoughts are edifying, especially if

they help us remember You,

enlightened intellect allows them in

and on to the screen of consciousness.


From thoughts feelings come. From

feelings willing comes. From willing

doing comes. Our character and our

present condition is the result of our

own doing. Enlightened Intellect

knows this.


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