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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 6

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We know You as Eternal, Omnipresent,

Omniscient, and Omnipotent. Before

consuming or doing anything, we first

offer, surrender, serve it to You,

or submit it to You.


What we are, have, or ever have been,

or ever will be; or ever will have, or be,

we it submit all to You. Submitting,

surrendering, offering, or serving are

synonymous to us when referring to

You. This spiritual practice helps us

remember You.


We remember of You as the Eternal,

Supreme Witness, pervading and

transcending all Galaxies. There is no

force superior to You.


Generating all powers of the cycles of

creation, maintenance, and destruction,

You remain ever One. All comes from

You and eventually returns to Your never

diminishing wholeness. 


We remember You as always remaining the

the same, amidst and beyond vast and

varied flux. You are our Changeless One,

the First, Middle, and Last Witness of

everything and no-thing.


Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute,

You are Indivisible, Imminent and

Transcendent throughout the heavens

Galaxies, subatomic particles, vibrations

and the space between the vibrations. 


More subtle than air, either, and

space, how can there be an image of You.

Within and beyond all names and forms

You exists within them without



We think of You as within and beyond

all atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons,

quarks, vibrations, and the space

between them. You cannot be

restricted to an image, statue, location,

building, name or form.


Verily, You are within and beyond all

images ands idols. No sort of image or

idol can ever contain Your infinitude.

It pervades and transcends the Cosmic



We know You as Omnipresent, there is

no place where You are not and beyond,

concurrently. There is no Supreme

Intelligence but You, the creator,

maintainer, and annihilator of all.


There is no Supreme Intelligence but You.

We know You as the Most Pure and Perfect.

By constantly sacrificing, nonviolently, every

thought and every breath to You, we think

of You, associate with You, and eventually

remember You.


We are one in You. All praise to You,

Omnipresent Supreme Being of the Cosmic

Manifestations. Thank You for helping us

realize the priceless benefits of striving to

remember You in all we think, feel, will,

say, or do. 


Through prayer, patience, steadfastness,

study, and submitting to You, we

associate with You. Associating with You,

we remember You as the Highest, Most

Honorable Intelligence. No one is on, nor

can ever be, on Your level other than You.


By constantly offering every thought and

every breath to You, we associate with You.

By associating with You, we remember You

and gradually reawaken to You. This is our

Original, Most Pure, Profound, and

Honorable State of Intelligence.


You are Supreme Divinity of all the lords

and gods. Uncreated and Indestructible,

You are here before the beginning,

during the middle, and You pervade and

transcend all ends.


We know from research, observation,

study and experience, You are within and

beyond all genders and other material

designations. No name, form, personality,

nor gender can fully contain nor

identify You.  


Our value system is grounded and rooted

in the fact that, like You, we too are within

and beyond bodily designations. We are the

consciousness, and awareness pervaded by

our intelligence.


Our intelligence is pervaded by You,

Divine Intelligence. From Infinity, You

are looking out through the body,

awareness and consciousness through

the Pineal Gland, located within the

Sixth Chakra between the left and

right hemispheres of the brain.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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