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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 4

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are the Self-Sustaning Source of

all being. The first step for achieving

knowledge, experience and

benefit of this fact is recognition that

the real enemy is ignorance of Self,

forgetfulness of who You are.


You are the Source of Supreme Wisdom

and Enlightenment. Our spiritual

practice of associating with You through

constant remembrance is helping us

get ever closer to Your All-Merciful



By remembering You, the poisons lust, 

anger, and greed are cleansed from our

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence.  What remains is You.  Thus,

 we awaken and rise out of Mays's 



The first step in this cleansing process is

seeing the Self as Divine Intelligence

pervading and transcending, looking out

through the consciousness, awareness, and

lower intelligence from the Pineal Gland, 

the doorway to and from the Light of 

Divine Intelligence.



You alone are Divine Intelligence, the

Original, Primeval, Supreme, and

Absolute.  Aum is Your Original, 

Primeval Word.


Pervading and transcending all, birth,

 disease, old-age, and death cannot

reach You.  Throughout the Cosmic

Manifestations, You are Supernatural

in all respects, guiding all intellects.


The more our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence are aligned with You, the

cleaner, the purer, and higher they are.

As a beneficial result, our consciousness,

awareness, and intellect are guided in a

more edifying manner.


You are the Most Pure of the Day, Night,

Twilight, and the Dawn. The Storms and

other vicissitudes of life in the material

world have no effect on You. Verily, You

activate, pervade, and transcend all.


We can plainly see, as the consciousness

 is quieted of thoughts, and awareness 

is cleared of sense objects, that the Self 

 in its original state is Everlasting 

Omnipresent Peace. 


 This is the Peace that is always here. 

 It can neither be made nor destroyed.

We meditate on You as the Source, 

 of this Everlasting Omnipresent 



According to the purity of our intelligence,

the Rays of You, Divine Intelligence, filters

through our intelligence to awareness, to

our consciousness and then to our

thoughts and action.


Because of Your purifying association, we

are guided with ever greater degrees of

Divine intelligence. Thus, our life is lived

in a more edifying and fulfilling way.


Living an ever more edifying life style

empowers us, and we to live, increasingly,

more morally upright and productive.

This leads us out of delusion and ever

consciously in union with You.


Thank You for helping us to remain within

the perimeters of Your Truth, Righteousness,

Love and Peace. They help us remember You

and keep us on the straight path to reach You,

our Light of Divine Intelligence.


As we awaken, we remember You as our

Eternal Leader, the Source of all power and

glory. Thank you for teaching us how to

focus our intelligence on You, thus aligning

our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence with You, the Eternal 

Light of Divine Intelligence.


Increasingly using our intelligence, 

enlightened by thinking of You, we 

are remembering and aligning with 

You.  We are doing this through 

our prayer, study, sacrifice, and 

service to You.  Additionally, we 

are associating with those who are 

remembering You, and we are 

meditating on You.


Concentrating and meditating on 

You, unwholesome thoughts are 

clearing out of our consciousness. 

 We are returning to Silence, Stillness, 

and the Light of Your Divine 



You are the Supreme Absolute,

Self-Subsisting, Eternal Omnipresence.

Thank You for teaching us how take refuge

in You through constant remembrance of

You and Meditating on You. Thank You

numberless times for enlightening our

 intelligence and leading us on the right 

path to union with You.  Of the great, 

You are surely the Greatest.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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