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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 18

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we

remember You as the Source of the "I"

thought, within and beyond all dualities.

this including Everything and Nothing.


We remember You of You as the Ultimate

Awareness, the Source of thought, greatest

Generating, Organizing, and Destroying



It is through remembrance of You, the

Source of the Greatest Purifying Vibrational

Phenomena, that our Pineal gland is

decalcified, our historical memory is restored

and our Divine Consciousness, Awareness, and

Intelligence are revived.


We remember You as the Witness of Silence, and

the Knower of all. The more we purify our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence by

remembering You, we increasingly experience

and know Your presence everywhere.  


Remembering You and experiencing Your Loving

Omnipresence restores our moral vision, our integrity,

and our Divine Love for others, while leading us us back

to You, here, now, in this present moment.


We know about the blessings of remembering You

from our research, observation, and experience. We

remember You and regain our forgotten treasure:

Our knowledge, strength, fame, beautify, wealth,

and the power to renounce it all for Your sake.


Doing everything for Your sake is doing it all

for our sake: Our return to You, our Source; our

reawakening to original, Eternal Life of Infinite,

Unconditional Loving Comprehension, Bliss-filled



You are the Source of this Infinite Potential within

all. Seeing and serving You within others purifies

our consciousness, awareness, intelligence and



Seeing You within others and others within You

empowers us to stand up right in the Loving

Kindness of Omnipresent Peace. Thank You

for revealing to us the many ways, means,

benefits, and blessings of remembering You.


Remembering You is, to us, the master key to

square business: Straight forward, honest, and

up right conduct with others. These we know, in

the final analysis, are You.


Remembering You in others and others

within You, we are empowered to deal

fairly and honestly, on the level with all,

treating them better than we expect

them to treat us.


It is to You alone that we bring, with all

the love and devotion at our command,

these simple songs and poems of praise

and Thanksgiving.  


Remembering You is what is all about.

It is our practice. It is our Plumb Line,

our guide to awakening out of Maya's wickedly

clever cycles of spiritual, intellectual, and

physical sufferings.


Remembering You is the guide of our spiritual

practice and the light on our life as a whole.

Whatever we are thinking, feeling, or doing

should be helping us remember You.


As we remember You and reawaken to our

Divine Intelligence, we are purified. As

purity returns to our intelligence, awareness,

and consciousness, we are increasingly able

to resist the temptations to gratify the

insatiable demands of the unappeasable



Wicked behaviors, instigated by lust, greed, and

anger, perpetuate our life of suffering. It is by

remembering You that we cleanse our

consciousness and turn from our wicked ways.


Submitting everything to You helps us to

remember You. It is by remembering You,

the Most Pure, that we associate with You.

Thank You for showing us how to associate

with You.


Our character purifies, and our activities are

evermore ethical and liberating as we associate

with You. Submitting to You, and thereby

associating with You, brings us into Your

transcendental loving presence again.