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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 17

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are within and beyond dreams, memories,

visions and plans. With patience, determination,

study, and spiritual practice, we are striving to

always remember You.


Thinking of You, we are remembering You.

Gradually we are awakening and returning

to You in this moment.  


Certainly, we are returning to You, the

origin from which we have yearned to

return, although having never really



We think of You as this illimitable,

 Eternal  Self, the unborn, unchanging, 

undying witness of the delusive changes

 of the illusory worlds.  


The illusory worlds are also known as

 Maya. That is the illusory energy, 

associated with the body, mind,

intelligence, ego and all their webs of

material identification entanglements.


We think of You as the ever detached 

One, pervading and transcending Maya. 

Remembering You is helping us awaken

from material designation, rise out of  

Maya, and unite with You, our Supreme



You are within and beyond all names.  We are

 referring to You as Supreme Intelligence.

We also refer to You as the Light of Divine 

Intelligence.  We begin to remember You and

who we are by always thinking of You.


We Remember You as the Supreme Witness 

of Everything and Nothing. We think of You

 as the Eternal, Pure Intelligence, within and

 beyond names, shapes, and forms.


You are here before any beginnings, in 

and beyond middles, and You are here 

after all ends.  No matter how big or 

small, You are the Greatest.


We think of You as the One who never goes

away. You are the Power that is always Here;

taking everything into nothing and bringing

everything out of nothing.  Certainly, of the

Great, You are the Greatest, the Source of 

  the power of Gravity and Electromagnetism 


We know You as within and beyond words

and sounds. On the basis of our research,

 Life has Its origin from the power of  Your 

Most Positive, Primordial sound vibration, 



We think of You, concentrate on You, and

meditate on You as the Eternal Light of

Divine Intelligence.   As we do this, the 

ego dissolves and we slowly reawaken

to You, our eternal, egoless Self.


Gradually, we experience and know the self

within the Self, the Original "I", Pure Identity

without designations. We totally recognize and

experience It as the long forgotten, now

completely remembered Self.


We concentrate on You as the Supreme Self, 

the Source and Witness, within, 

encompassing, and beyond, the Cosmic 



We think of You as the Supreme Knower of 

everything and No-thing. You are the only 

One who completely satisfies upon being

 seen or heard.


You, our One Supreme Being, are 

recognized and respected to the utmost 

by us.  We think of You as the One

Changeless Intelligence within, and

beyond the "Big Bang", if it ever existed, 

and any other implosions or explosions.


Your Divine Intelligence and Master Plan 

are reflected in all that exists. The flowers 

that bloom, the Moon's relationship to the

 ocean, the seasons and the reasons, all are 

 imbued with some degree of  the Eternal

 Light of Your Divine Intelligence.


Certainly You are smaller than the

 smallest and larger than the largest,

 simultaneously.  Gradually, we are able

to know and understand that You really

do pervade and transcend the visible 

and the invisible.