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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 16

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We remember You as within and beyond all

colors, shapes, species, designations, and

conceptions. You are the Most Attractive,

the Greatest Love within and beyond all;

Everything and No Thing.


By remembering You, we are consciously

coming back to You, re-entering Your

Everlasting Glory. We are experiencing

the fact that what we were thinking as

separate from ourselves are actually

reflections of You.  


The real business of our life is to sober up and

center our lower eccentric consciousness by

always thinking of You. In this way, we are

evermore centered and balanced, living

increasingly in Your Intelligence.


We think of You as our Divine Intelligence, the

Supreme Unity within and without,

encompassing, and beyond, the Infinite

Diversities of life. 


Within and beyond all thoughts and all knowledge,

You are our Original, Eternal Life of Infinite

Intelligence and the Ecstasy of Tranquil Bliss.


With patience and determination, we strive to

always think of You. Slowly we concentrate on

You. Finally we can meditate on You as the

Eternal, Omnipresent Light of, and on,

Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence. 


You illuminate thoughts, knowledge, the Knower

of knowledge, Silence, Space, intelligence,

Awareness, and the Consciousness of all.


We think of You as the Eternal, Shining Light of

Omniscience. Concentrating on You, and

Meditating on You is associating with You.  


Associating with You, the Most Pure, cleanses us

and restores us to our original Integrity, our Divine

Intelligence, and our Complete Purity with You.


We do not have to search for You. You are our

Eternal, Omnipresent Being, the Source of all

Intelligence. Association with You purifies us,

awakening us to You, our only Reality.  


As we awaken to Your Reality, we experience

Your Loving Omnipresence. This inspires us to

Meditate on You ever more.


We have begun to experience Your Reality as

the Indestructible, Omnipresence, within whom

all, including Silence, have there existence. Thank

You for helping us remember You, as You are, here

within and before us.


The limited experience we have of Your

Omnipresence is supported by our research,

Formal and Informal Education, and our



Small glimpses, and experiences of Your Reality

are enough to inspire us to persist in our efforts

to come back into conscious union with You.


You are Divine Intelligence, within and beyond

Lower Intelligence, Awareness, and Pure

Consciousness. By always thinking of You, we

remember You.


Remembering You, our consciousness,

awareness, and lower intelligence are suffused 

with ever greater enlightenment. This flows 

down through the Pineal Gland from You, The

 Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence.


You are the Divine Intelligence which pervades

and transcends consciousness, and all thoughts

inside or outside of consciousness.


We think of You as Suffusing and Surmounting

all, including nothing. You are this Infinite

Intelligence that is here giving knowledge

and understanding to all. This Self is

always here in the Infinity of Now.