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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 15

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We are spirit or energy, in quality one with

You. The Eternal, Most Intelligent, Supreme

Energy or Spirit of all is Immovable You.

All is always with You, and You always

remain the same.


We behold Your Mystic Opulence. All comes

from You as complete units. They remain in

You, though seemingly separate, and are

totally reabsorbed in You.  


According to the Atharva Veda, Mundaka

Upanishad 2.1.2, and our humble experience,

You, "Self-resplendent, formless, unoriginated

and pure, that all - pervading being", are "both

within and without.


You pervade and transcend "even the

transcendent, unmanifest, causal state of the

universe." Atharva Veda, Mundaka

Upanishad 2.1.2. 


Thank You for helping us awaken ever

stronger, more balanced, and steady in Your

Righteousness. Our Heritage is spiritual, our

goal is the Divinity of You.


We know You as Ever Free from the illusion of

rising or falling, neither coming nor going. You

are the Most Subtle, Immovable Source of all



In order to be pure enough to experience Your

Omnipresence as Supreme Being, we must be

see the Self as spirit, engage in a spiritual

purification process, and be in the world but

not of it.


The beginning of the this spiritual purification

process is to always think of You. This leads us

to remembering You. This is the essence of the

purification process.


We know You as the Omnipresent, omniscient,

Omnipotent One. All beginnings Middles, and

Ends are pervaded and transcended by You.


We all have come from You. Always we are

within You and You are within us. However,

restriction does not apply to You. You always

pervade and transcend all Being throughout

the Galaxies.


We think of You as the Source of our true

heritage. The Source of our knowledge,

strength, fame, beauty, wealth, and

renunciation is You.


We are reforming ourselves from the

ignorance of cultural and self misidentification.

We are doing this by seeing the Lower Self as

Intelligence, and always thinking of You as

Divine Intelligence pervading and

transcending all. 


You are Divine Intelligence, more subtle than the

space between subatomic particles.

Electromagnetism and Gravity have their Source

in Your Infinite Stillness of Being.


We know You as Omnipresent. You are not

confined to one particular species of life, nor

one continent, planet, universe, galaxy, nor

gravitational attraction. You are within and

beyond physical repulsion and attraction.


You are Supreme Being, the One, All

Attractive, Supreme Intelligence. You

permeate, enclose, and transcend all



Your immortal, boundless Peace is our

Eternal Joy, ever increasing fulfillment, our

redemption and our Greatest Salvation. You

are our original position, our Eternal,

Omnipresent, Dispassionate, Witness of all.


The ultimate goal of our life is conscious

reunion with You, the Supreme Intelligence

of all. Thank You for helping us awaken,

get out, and stay out from under the

influence of Maya, the worlds of illusions.


We are coming back to You, from whom we

never really left. Thank You for helping us

regain our Historical Memory, and our

Divine Intelligence.