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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 14

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


This practice of Jnana Yoga is based on

knowledge, research, observation, experience,

and reflection about the use of certain spiritual

tools. These tools are used for experiencing

 the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, 

Eternal Self. 


Through the practice of Jnana Yoga we have

experience that we, the Self, is within and

beyond physical designations, consciousness,

awareness, and mundane intellectual levels

of existence.   


As we practice this science of Jnana Yoga

we are regaining our forgotten treasure, 

our original Nature, Eternal, Divine



The practice of Jnana Yoga, gathering 

knowledge about You, gradually frees 

us from the illusion of coming and 

going, rising and falling; higher and 

lower, ignorance and enlightenment; 

failure and success, and all other 



You are beyond description, characteristics, 

and recognizable behavior. As we continue

practicing Jnana Yoga, we awaken to hear,

feel, and know Your Omnipresence, here, 

now, in this moment.


You are Supreme Reality, the Supreme Love.

You are This, Here, Now. Beyond empty, full,

formlessness and form, You are the only 

reality.  You endure, never cease existing.

All else has a beginning, middle, and end. 

Therefore, it does not exist.


You are the Source of our spiritual strength,

keen intelligence; infinite energy, highest

morality; supreme creativity and our power

to persevere.


We think of You as being within and beyond

shapes and forms, ideologies and 

boundaries.  Thank You for teaching us

how to raise ourselves by our Self by being 

in constant remembrance of You, the 

Supreme  Self of all. 


Remembering You, we rise from the

frustrating muck, mire, and oppressions 

of Maya.  We are rising up and over the

 dualities and depressions of the turbulent 

oceans of Maya, material existence, by

never forgetting and always 

remembering  You.


As a consequence of striving to remember

 You, we are awakening to infinite external

and internal joy and contentment. Supreme 

Intelligence, Freedom, Independence, and

 Peace have their origin in You, our Supreme 

   Self,  the Eternal Light of  Divine Intelligence.

Here now.  Sept. 18, 2021


This Divine Self is experienced as we purify

our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 by always associating with You. The beginning,

middle, and end of associating with You is to

always think of You.


Thinking of You is the beginning, middle, and

 end of Jnana Yoga. Practice of this science 

purifies our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence, bringing back to all levels of our 

experience the reality that we are spirit, 

and You are the Supreme Spirit of all. 


Knowledge and experience of the fact

the You are the Supreme Spirit of all, 

along with our history and spirituality, 

gives us our inspiration, confidence,

 and strength to persevere on this path

 to the Omnipresence of You.


Our Word is our humble offering to You.

 When It articulates spiritual and intellectual 

knowledge, It is declaring Jnana Yoga. 

 You are the means and end of Jnana Yoga.


We think of You as always here. We

 can access Your Eternal, Loving, 

Omnipresence through various

spiritual practices.


Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Karma Yoga,

 and Raja Yoga are the spiritual practices

 offered here at Our Word.


You are also known in Our Word as the Only

One Worthy of Praise , and the Most High

Omnipresent One. It is You alone, who are

the reservoir of Fulfillment and Peace.


It is to You alone that this humble Offering

 of Praise and Thanksgiving, Our Word, is

 made. This helps us remember You. It is 

through this remembrance that we

 remember who we are, thereby attaining 

    liberation from Maya and union with You.