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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 10

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


The more we remember You we reenter

Your state of Supreme Contentment, 

the Light of Divine Intelligence.

This, according to our research, is the 

True Goal of Yoga.


In this transcendental realm, we are

empowered with the Spiritual Bliss and

Intelligence of You, Divine Intelligence.


Being empowered evermore with the

 Light of Your Divine Intelligence,  we 

are able to withstand the so-called 

happiness and distress of the

external material being ever less



We are Spiritual Beings, Pure, Intelligent,

tranquility, having a human experience,

this life time.  Our spiritual practice

 empowers us rise out of humanity and be

 reestablished in our original Divinity.


According to the law of Reincarnation

and Karma, whichever thoughts our

consciousness attracts most at the

time of death, we are attracted to the

appropriate womb to finish or

continue our past Karma.


You pervade and transcend the brain,

all thoughts, the space between

subatomic particles, and all Karma.

You are never not here.


This life time, at every moment, we are

striving to finish our work, our Karma,

and return to You, our original, 

primeval, Source.


We are returning to You by using our

Mantras, breathing techniques, and

other spiritual weapons to extinguish

unedifying thoughts as soon as they

squint or peek into our



You pervade and transcend AUM, Your

original, primeval word. Amen and all

other varieties of sounds and vibrations

are descended from Aum.


By fixing our intelligence on You, our

intelligence, the knower within and 

beyond sounds and vibrations, is

enlightened.  We reawaken, 

remembering You.  In this way, we 

are returning to You.


We think of You as the Inner Voice

and Supreme controller within and

beyond all. Fixing our intelligence

on You, we are able to master,

transcend, and keep out of our

consciousness, anger, lust, and



As the consciousness is quieted, being 

free from lust, anger, and greed, we are

 able to think of You, concentrate on You,

 know and understand You as the 

animating Spirit and the Infinite

Intelligence within and beyond all.

Anything other than You is Maya,

the illusion.


Thank You for teaching us how to fix our

intelligence on You. By the sacrifice of

always thinking of You, we are able to

listen to You, follow You, and be

resurrected, character and soul, by

Your time tested knowledge, experience,

 and wisdom.


We are acquiring the best knowledge

 and wisdom a result of striving for

perfection by fixing our intelligence on

You. We are doing this by associating

with You in all we think, feel, will, say,

 and do.


This associative attachment to You, the

Most Pure, is our primary instrument for

purifying our consciousness of the

brigands: anger, lust and greed.


As our consciousness is purified, our

innate spirituality shines forth. This is

a consequence of our aligning our

intelligence with You. 


Gradually, as we align our intelligence

with You, we see there is no limit to our

Intelligence, Awareness, and

Consciousness. We are in quality

one with You.


Thank You for educating us out of the

ignorance of miseducation, thinking the

body is the self. Thank You for helping

us rebirth our- selves in the One Spiritual

Self. This rebirth is our wholeness. We

have our integrity again. 


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