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Jnana Yoga,

Knowledge 1

Thank You Aum. Thank Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank Aum. thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We research and study about You as

the One who permeates and is infinitely

beyond the illusions of beginnings,

middles, ends; waking, sleeping,

dreaming and deep sleep.


As we become more intelligent, 

conscious and aware,  we realize that

 our liberation into our very Best Self 

lies in taking refuge in You through 

prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right 

association, and meditation. This 

spiritual practice gives us constant 

remembrance of You.  


We remember You, by thinking of 

You and meditating on You as the

One Divine Intelligence.  Pervading

 and transcending the intelligence of

 all, we organize ourselves by always 

thinking of  You.   


Studying about You, and sacrificing all 

we think, feel, will, say, and do to You are 

some of the spiritual practices we are 

employing to help us organize ourselves 

by remembering You.


We think of You as the Most Subtle, 

Supremely Righteous and Divine 

Intelligence. To the degree our consciousness. 

awareness, and intelligence are cleansed of

anger, lust, and greed, we are able to

experience Your Loving Omnipresence.


We know You as the Selfless, Immortal,

Omnipresent Reality, the Light of Divine 

Intelligence.  You exists within Your Self.


You are the One Divinity in all, Pure

Intelligence. In and beyond Your vast and

variegated costumes, disguises, levels of

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence,

You exist within and beyond all.


Constantly remembering You is the basis

of our clear route to victory over Maya,

the illusory energy. Most importantly,

constantly remembrance of You is the

means to our awakening, our reunion 

with You.


Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute.

It is realized as we purify our being through

prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.

Gradually, we are awakening,  experiencing

 our true identity with You.


Eternal Pure Intelligence, more subtle than

 the Aether, is our true identity. It is within

and beyond consciousness, awareness, 

lower intelligence, enlightenment, misery

 and bliss.


Thank You for showing us how to open the

door to eternal liberation from Your illusory

energy by always remembering You.  This

 helps ourselves as well as those who

come after us.


We open the door to our liberation from

Maya by prayer, study, and nonviolent

sacrifice to You.  This service to You is

our Karma Yoga.  It is association 

which has You as the center and 

goal of all we do.   


Thank You Light of Divine Intelligence for

revealing to us various ways of aligning

with You.  Prayer, study, sacrifice, 

service, right association, and meditation, 

with You as the Infinite Center, are our 

ways of aligning and organizing ourselves 

with You.


From the so-called highest to the lowest, 

all sentient beings, suffer to varying 

degrees when entangled and sleeping in 

Your illusion, Maya.  Jnana, Bhakti, 

Karma, and Raja Yoga are ways to 

remember You and awaken out of it.


You are within and beyond glamorous, and

glorious. Mere words can only make a feeble

attempt at pointing in the Omni-directional 

center of Your Super Excellence.


Thank You for revealing to us our ancient

spiritual system of Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, 

and Raja Yoga.  They are revealing to us 

how to use what we have to remember You.

 It is by remembering You that we are

     gradually reawakening to our Supreme

 Organization, union with You. 


You are beyond glamorous, and glorious. Mere

words can only make a feeble attempt to point

in the Omni-direction of Your Super Excellence.  


Thank You for revealing to us our ancient 

spiritual system:  Jnana Yoga is gathering

 knowledge about You, ourselves, and our 

universe.  Bhakti Yoga is devotedly serving 

You in all we do.  Karma Yoga is working

 for You.  Raja Yoga includes the former 

three with heavy emphasis on Meditation:

  Japa and silent meditation with Mantra.  

Gradually,  we evolve to meditating on 

Space and Silence.