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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Jnana Yoga

Praise 17

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are the source of our Ancient Glory.

When we have awaken beyond the sense

of a separate self, a self of designations,

we meditate on You as the Subject,

the Source.   


Silence, Stillness, and Light are

objects whose subject, Source, is You.

This is why You cannot be seen,

only experienced as the Self.


You are never just the object.

Although You pervade them, You,

the Eternal Subject, the Source,

simultaneously transcend all subjects.


You are the Eternal, Infinite, and Most Pure.

Other than You, all are subjects. By

associating with You, our purification and

raising back to our original nature is



As our consciousness is cleansed of anger,

lust, and greed. We see how to get out and

stay out of Maya, our negative predicament.

The solution, the way out of Maya, is to

always think of You. In this way, we

associate with You and rise.


You pervade and transcend all cosmic

webs and Galaxes. More subtle than the

aether; pervading and transcending the

space between subatomic particles, and

thoughts, You, Divine Intelligence, are

the greatest of all


You are Divine Intelligence, within and

beyond Gravity and Electromagnetism.

The more we associate with You, the

more we return to consciousness of this

Eternal Peace, our original,

constitutional position.


Constant remembrance of You is associating

with You and cleaning our consciousness of the

contamination of bodily designation, illusory

identification, Maya


This spiritual practice is awakening us out

of Maya to the barely describable, Tranquil

Bliss of the Self.


You are our Highest, the Most Present

Consciousness. To the degree we resurrect

to our original Pure consciousness, Clear

Awareness, and Divine Intelligence, we

regain fulfillment and Peace.


We regain our original consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence, by

associating with You. As this happens,

we are ever more centered and



By virtue of Your association, we are

Centered and balanced in You. Hence,

we are able to remain the same in the

face of loss or gain, pleasure or pain,

and other repulsions, attractions and

attachments of the illusory worlds,



Thank You for accepting this humble

offering. This spiritual practice helps us

remember You, turn to You and be saved. 


To be saved means to redeem our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence from the illusory hells of

repeated birth, death, and rebirth,



The major psychological impairment at

the root of our spiritual slavery, being

entangled in Maya, is the belief that the

self is a material, mental, intellectual, or

ego entity.  


The real Self or Divine Intelligence, is

beyond description but not beyond

experience. Surely, It pervades and

transcends everything: Consciousness,

awareness, everything, nothing, and



Persistence in this spiritual practice of

associating with You, gives us glimpses of

Your awesome magnificence and makes us

ever stronger in our patience and

determination to realize You, here, now, in

this moment.


Awakening and rising out of Maya, we are

realizing, what to us is the ultimate goal of

life, conscious union with You. The first step

in this journey to the Self is the spiritual

purification practice of always thinking of

You, thereby, associating with You.