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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Introduction to Our Word 

You are Eternal, Supreme, Absolute Awareness, The primeval Identity of all. This present moment is within You. None is ever equal to You. Thank You for helping us to research, rethink, and gradually remember everything, especially in regards to knowledge of You, the identity of the Self/Supreme Awareness, thereby endearing us to ourselves. 

 We do not have a spirit. We are the Spirit. We do not have a Soul. We are the Soul. Self, Soul, Spirit, Consciousness, Awareness, and Witness are synonymous, for us. This fact which can be directly experienced utilizing the spiritual practices elaborated upon at  

According to Our Word, the ancients from the Nile, Tigris - Euphrates, Red Sea and the Indus Valley civilizations, and most of all our personal observation, and experience, we are not a product of sperm and egg in the fallopian tube. We are eternal spirit, in quality one with You, the One, Eternal, Supreme Spirit, the Absolute Awareness, which gives life, light, and energy to all.

We are spirit, temporarily caught up in the illusion that we are material and will return to dust. This spiritual entrapment in the material began prior to and during the time of conception. As spirit, our goal is not birth, growth, old-age, disease, and death. Our goal is conscious liberation from the illusion and reunion with You, the One in the many within whom the many are One.

The mission of is to assist us in our efforts to turn around, to come out of the illusion, out of the ignorance of Self. This ignorance consists of identifying the Self with or as various material designations of race, creed, color, nationality species of life etc., etc., etc. When we are enlighten with the knowledge whereby ignorance is destroyed we are reestablished in our Real Self, the eternal, Omnipresent Peace which is beyond all designations and classifications.

Turning around, spiritual revolution, renewing of our consciousness, begins with, "I am not the temporary material body. I am eternal spirit, beyond unity, non unity, all dualities, bodily distinctions, languages, and nationalities."

The ultimate goal of life, as spirit, is reunion with You, the eternal, Universal Consciousness, Our Supreme Spirit, the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, beyond all complete descriptions, Beyond the Beyond, ad infinitum.

Our business is not to conquer or in any way control, cause trouble, nor even disturb the material world in any way. For us, the material world is, always has been, and always will be a place of ignorance where the cycle of oppressive suffering: birth, so- called living, death, and rebirth, is constantly taking place.

Our enemy is not of flesh and blood. Our enemy is our own mind in ignorance of self, out from under our control, and entertaining thoughts that the self is of some material designation. This basic ignorance of self, that the self is of a particular bodily distinction, is the cause of our continuous suffering in the worlds of illusions.

We control our mind and make it our best friend by purifying it, and the intelligence, by fixing the mind on You in all we think, feel, will, say and do. 

This spiritual practice is shared by as a Blue Print to spiritual liberation from the eternal oppression of the Material World. That world is more or less hell or heaven, according to the level of our consciousness.

As long as our concept of the self is as a material body, mind, intellect, or ego, we cannot get out of the ignorance and suffering of the illusory material world.

Our Kingdom of Peace in which we all, all sentient beings, can live together in Peace as One, is of the Eternal Spiritual World. It is at hand, right here, right now, in this present moment. Our journey back to the Omnipresent Self begins with changing the concept of the self from material to spiritual. "I am not a body with a soul. I am a soul with a body, mind, intellect, and ego."

I am looking out through the Pineal gland as consciousness. The ultimate goal is union with You, the source of the consciousness radiating out from the Pineal gland.

The purpose of is to present spiritual culture. It consists of discussions and practices pertaining to ways and means of organizing, cultivating and unfolding our Original Divinity from the innermost Silence of Being. It is here, right now, at this present moment.

This Original divinity is also known as Enlightenment. We know from research, observation and experience, that association with discussions and practices of an enlightening, spiritual nature brings about nonviolent, complete, constructive change; it helps to reestablish us in our original spirituality. In this light, Our Word is Satsang.

 No donations, nor any other form of financial solicitation or renumeration is requested or suggested. shares, free of charge or obligation, in a clear and logical manner, ancient spiritual knowledge. This kind of knowledge supports us in our efforts to experience and live in, and as, our Eternal, Omnipresent, Divinity.

You, our Supreme Being, the One without a second, beyond all dualities and attributes, are engaging us evermore in Your transcendental loving service, devotional service. This Site is an offering to You, the One in the many in whom the many are One. May You, the reservoir of all pleasure, be pleased with our humble offerings of devotion and love.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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