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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Foreword 3

Our Word is a concrete action plan that is committed to empowering us in our efforts to repair our consciousness from the damage due to self-ignorance. The material concept of life is a consequence of self-ignorance. The ultimate goal and purpose of Our Word is to help us purify our Pineal gland and consciousness, transcend ignorance and be reestablished, consciously, in our original Divine Nature.  

Our Word empowers us in these efforts by articulating the Enlightening Spirituality of ancient Nile and Indus Valley civilizations. The consequence of this action is the total emancipation of our mind, and the liberation of our consciousness, from the pain, suffering, the slavery of Maya, Your illusory energy.

These ancient civilizations put great emphasis on purification of the Pineal Gland. With this purification comes purification of consciousness. We can understand and appreciate You to the degree we purify the consciousness; Simultaneously, our knowledge and respect for others manifests.

The concept of the Self in ancient Nile and Indus valley civilization is that the True Self is Divine Quintessence. It is more subtle than mind, intelligence, ego, air, and either. Furthermore, it is the Most True, Pure, Powerful, and Perfect. This Self is the Immeasurable Standard by which all is measured. It is Bigger than the Biggest, Smaller than the Smallest, and no one is ever equal to it in Love, Power, Compassion, Understanding, and Peace.

Our Word expounds the various tried and true methods of fixing the consciousness on You and unfolding this Divine Consciousness as the Holy Elders of these civilizations recommend.

These elders prove in very logical, tried and true words, that the more we clean our own consciousness of ignorance of Self, the more we experience heaven, here and now, as our original, state of Supreme Being. By practice of these principles, we are attaining You, Supreme Being, the foundation of all support, at the base of all consciousness. Consequently, we are freeing ourselves from the illusion we found ourselves in.

As Awareness, we pervade and transcend this material body, mind, intellect, ego, and all levels of consciousness. Closely analyzing these levels of consciousness we see that they have no permanent existence. Only Awareness truly exists. It is present before the creation, during its manifestation, and after its annihilation. Verily, Awareness exists eternally in all being, and You, Supreme Awareness, are our Supreme Being.

Due to doubt, some lower levels of our consciousness are temporarily, spiritually in bondage to Your illusory energy. Consequently, we are caught up in the temporary worlds of illusion, thinking the body, mind, intellect, and/or ego as the enduring self.

In our ignorance, in our impurity of consciousness, we mistakenly refer to the material body, mind, intelligence, and ego, these prison houses of the soul, as the self; as a consequence, we do not express love for ourselves nor each other. Thus we continue the cycle of birth, disease, old-age, and death in the illusory worlds of ignorance.

  You are our Original Leader, Teacher, and Guide. Through the knowledge You freely give, we reawaken to our spiritual salvation, our liberation from the clutches of ignorance. In the illusory worlds of ignorance and suffering it is difficult to break free, to avail ourselves to Your eternal benefit.

 When we are fortunate enough to associate with Teachers and Teachings that present the ancient, tried and true science of God realization, our spiritual foundation is strengthened. We are gradually, consciously, reestablished in our original spiritual state.  

Unselfish love, justice, equanimity, wisdom, and the peace of infinite tranquility are some of the infinite qualities, or attributes, of our original, spiritual state, Divine Awareness.

The Teachers and Teachings of our ancient spirituality present a clear and concise methodology for cleaning the consciousness and gradually returning to being the attributes of our Divine Awareness.

 We are in quality one with You who pervades and transcends the spiritual and material universes. Looking very closely with the third eye of the Self, we see that cells, molecules, subatomic particles and the most subtle vibratory phenomena are pervaded and transcended by You. They are one in You. No matter how large or small, You pervade and transcend all.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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