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Praise and Thanksgiving

Chapter 2

We have to choose that methodology which gives the most practical process for cleansing our consciousness while simultaneously rekindling and increasing our dormant respect and love for Divine Providence. Such an enlightening process brings in its wake a greater appreciation of who God is, what our true relationship with God is, how to approach God, who we are, and what is the true nature of this situation we call life.

By teaching us how to associate with God directly, Positively Go od Productions shows us how to transcend all the rites, rituals, and other ceremonies. As we go deeper into the Truths presented by Positively Good Productions, our consciousness as individuals, is increasingly cleansed of the contaminating influence of bodily identification. Consequently, we more easily enter directly into the service of God. Increasingly, we think, say, and do everything in remembrance God. Thus, gradually we reestablish our relationship of conscious union with our Supreme Being.

By studying the offerings of Positively Good Productions, individuals learn to transform their lives, and realize that the body is not the self. Positively Good Productions teaches that the body although not the self, is the habitat of the self and the temple of the eternal, living God.

As consequence of associating with the living God, as revealed in Positively Good Productions, one become spiritually stronger, and ones material body, as well as place of residence, is gradually changed into a spiritual center for the purpose of God-realization. If one has any aspirations at all in this direction, then Positively Good Productions will be very encouraging and inspiring .


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