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Chapter I

I wish that each and every Branch shall

keep their independent identity and

cooperate keeping the Acarya in the centre.

On this principle we can open any number

of Branches all over the world. The

Ramakrishna mission works on this

principle and thus as organization

they have done wonderfully.

All praise be to You, O' Supreme Being of the cosmic manifestation. Thank You for helping us remember You at all times. Thank You for revealing to us this "Balm in Gilead." Thank you a thousand times over for passing down to us this Art and Science of always remembering You. We were in fact, and still are to a great extent, ignorant of the fact that we are eternal spirit, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge. Instead, we languish in the mistaken belief that we are the body, and know not what to do about the fact that we are in a temporary condition of sin sick soulness. Constant remembrance of You heals us of that sickness.

O' Supreme Adorable One, constant remembrance of You, coupled with reminding ourselves that we are not the perishable material body is changing the way we look at the self. This is the beginning of the healing process. It brings about a gradual transformation at the very foundation of our consciousness. Gradually, we see the self in a very different light. We are spirit, in quality one with You, our Supreme Spirit.

As we awaken from our ignorance and become more enlightened about the nature of self and God, we realize the truth that,, we do not have an eternal spirit, we are eternal spirit. The body, although not the self, is the habitat of the self and is thus is the temple of the Supreme, Eternal, Spirit. Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace are some of Your limitless virtues. You pervade and transcend all names, forms, manners, and dualities.

Fixing our mind on You is a very efficacious method of awakening from the ocean of ignorance and suffering that is the nature of the material world. We have inadvertently fallen into the material contamination. This we know. When we get completely out of it, and are all cleaned up, if we so wish, we can determine how we fell into it. Otherwise, for now, we are focused on fixing our mind on you, and are realizing a state of consciousness that we had forgotten. It is increasingly blissful, completely natural, and transcendental to the material world.

All that we think, feel, will, say, and do, should be done as an offering to You, our Supreme Spirit. This is one tried and true method of thinking of You. This method includes: God centered constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation. This spiritual practice fixes our mind on You, and the mind is cleansed of the impurities of lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, the diseases of the soul. Association brings assimilation. Through Your association our consciousness is purified and transformed. We have changed the way we look at the self.

When we change the way we look at the self, we change the way we look at everything else. When we change the way we perceive things, as far as our vision and life is concerned, the things we now perceive take on a different reality, positively or negatively, it is all in our mind. We are interested in positive change. Seeing the self or soul as eternal spirit, in quality one with You, the Supreme eternal Spirit, Soul, or Consciousness, is the quintessence of positive contemplation, which of course, leads to positive change.

Purification of existence energizes positive change. Existence purification is facilitated by constant remembrance of You, our Supreme Consciousness. When we are able to constantly remember You, as a result of submitting all our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing to You, the greater the purification of our existence. To the extent that our existence is purified, the greater we are edified and we realize the Beloved Community, Your Kingdom, here and now, our original, constitutional position.

We want to be, we need to edified. The more our consciousness is edified and purified by submitting everything to You, O' Supreme Love, we are able to see and serve You in each other. Over a period of time, we are blessed with glimpses of You in each other. As we progress, we gradually realize, there is no "Other". There is only "You" in various forms and disguises. Seeing that it is You in various disguises of "The Other", we serve You exclusively, and gradually become living expressions of Your Precious Love. This is in fact, The Love Supreme.

Realization of our Love Supreme and self-realization are synonymous; the greater the realization of one, the greater the realization of the other. Praise be to You O' Supreme Love. Thank You for revealing to us our true nature. Now we see again. Our true nature is not the temporary material body. The real self, according to Your revealed scriptures, Your sages, incarnations, and prophets, is in Your likeness: Eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss. This is why, in our ignorance we do not want to die, why we do not want to be ignorant, and why we want to be happy. This real, this eternal self pervades and transcends the temporary material body. For revealing to us this supremely liberating knowledge, and for Your myriad blessings and generosities upon us, we offer our humble obeisance to you forever and ever. All praise be to You,O' Supreme Love of all.  


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