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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


To the degree the Pineal Gland is cleansed, the consciousness

is purified. Purified consciousness contains pure thoughts.

Pure thoughts lead to pure feelings, willings and doing.

However, at the highest state of Pure Consciousness there are no

thoughts at all. Then there is the unperturbable witness of all

of this, known as Eternal, Pure Awareness.


Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of

purifying our Pineal Gland and our consciousness by always

thinking of You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. This, to

us, is the best way forward into Union with You, our Supreme



We think of You as the root of all creation, the Source of all

illumination. We become more in tune with You, our Highest

Nature, by praising and thanking You. This is one of the

ways we always think of You.


In the light of our careful and critical analysis of this

spiritual practice of Always Thinking of You, we are seeing

and experiencing the fact that remembering You as best we

can as often as we can actually works. It is purifying our

consciousness and reviving our awareness.


While thanking and praising You, simultaneously,

our light of awareness becomes ever more brighter for our

own as well as the benefit of all sentient beings.


This spiritual practice of constantly remembering You can be

experienced as a purifying process, a working plan for

bringing our consciousness back to Its Source. As a

consequence, our life is exceedingly less stressful, and more

at home in its naturally attractive state of Eternal Peace.


This spiritual practice of remembering You depends on no

material considerations, and is easily performed.

Gradually, we return to our Self, and we experience Your

quiet, loving, presence.


The more we Remember You, the more our consciousness is

cleansed and we recover from the sin-sick suffering of ego

identification with its insatiable desires for profit, adoration,

distinction, name, and fame. Thank You for showing us how,

by always thinking of You, we go with the self to the Supreme

Self, You.


You are the only one worthy of praise and thanksgiving. This

process purifies the awareness. Gradually, as the Pineal

gland is decalcified and the consciousness is purified we are

able to see only You, shining out beyond the illusion of time,

space, and species of life.


All glories to You! Thank You for helping us remember You

in all of our thinking, feeling, willing, speaking, and doing.

Please accept our offerings of unconditional praise,

thanksgiving, and love.


We think of You as the Foundation of Consciousness in all

sentient beings, the primordial source of all creativity,

intelligence, and power. We meditate on You as the Silence

and as the Witness of all, including the Silence.


Thank You for helping us in this spiritual struggle to raise

our consciousness consciously back to You. Always thinking

of You is the is the engine that is powering our train of

consciousness in this endeavor.


We think of You as the Source of our Light of Understanding.

Thank You All Mighty One for allowing us the sacred privilege

of remembering Your Holy Name and surrendering everything to

You while we go about our mundane affairs.


Remembering You while going about our mundane affairs

keeps us totally, consciously, in the present moment. Living

in this manner, we are performing our mundane tasks more

efficiently with greater love and affection for You and all.


With our greatest respect, we are surrendering all to You. To

us, You are the only One worthy of adoration and worship.

We meditate on You as the Silence and Its Eternal,

Omnipresent, Supreme Witness.


Holding You in the highest esteem is empowering us to

transcend the petty joys and sorrows of the world. In this

purified consciousness, we easily see the benefits of doing

others as we would have them do to us. 


Source of the Greatest Silence, thank You for granting

us Peace of understanding. This allows us to see that we all,

in our ignorance, are suffering as a result of our own doing,

our own Karma.


Our own Karma is why we are thinking we are a material

body of some sort of designation. As a consequence of that

ignorance, we are struggling and suffering in the material

world of birth, death, and rebirth.