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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 8

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Immoveable,

Unchanging Source of the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of all sentient

beings. Things change, circumstances

change, but You always remain the same.


Being Omnipresent, You are the Centerless

Centerpoint point, the Infinite Intelligence

within and beyond consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence. Please accept our most

humble, prostrate obeisances, from all sides,

from above and below, inside and out.


Thank You for revealing to us the

comprehension that brings us ever

consciously closer to You. We think

of You as the Most Pure, Intelligence,

pervading and transcending all



You are One indivisible, complete

whole, equal to all. However, all together,

cannot equal You, the Supreme Witness,

within and beyond all and Nothing.


Thank You for helping us to be

 conscious of You, here with us and

for us, in this present moment. We 

are beginning to experience how 

full of meaning and beauty life can 

be, living in Your loving 



We think of You as the Most Clean, 

Resplendent and Attractive in all ways.

  Although You are immanent in all

 situations and circumstances, always

      transcendental, You are never 



We think of You as our Uncontaminatable, 

Original Pure Intelligence.  Our Eternal

Friend, Companion, Guide, and Divine

 Being, You are always available to us.


  However, intoxicated with the ways of the 

illusory worlds, we could not recognize 

Your Omnipresence.  Thinking of You,

 increasingly, we are sobering up, being

 purified by the association of always 

thinking of You.  


We think of You, as the Source of all 

Purity.  Thinking of You, we are 

remembering You.  Remembering You, 

we are associating with You.  By virtue 

of Your association, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are being



Purity is the force that attracts.  We

 think of You as the Most Attractive

 Force within and beyond the Cosmic 

   opposites of matter and spirit, wet and 

      dry, light and dark; up and down, male,

 female, birth, death, or any other 

definitions and dualities.


Assuredly, You are the Most Pure

Imperturbable, Immutable, Supreme

Absolute, within, encompassing, and

beyond all, physical and 



Realizing our need for practical and

substantial spiritual enrichment,

through purification of consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence, we are ever

more seriously thinking of You.

Increasingly, we are experiencing

the Purity and beauty of Your

Omnipresent Bliss. 


Always thinking of You, we are finding

it easier to renounce the bitter and 

sweet fruits of the temporary worlds 

of illusion. Thinking of You, we are 

 slowly attaining complete, conscious,

union with You again.


We think of You as the as Eternal,

Pure Intelligence, the ground of

Being underlying, pervading and

transcending everything, physical

and metaphysical.


Briefly looking back over life, we

remember the contamination of

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence, and the consequent

suffering, from which we have



We know in fact that always thinking

of You is the main and sustaining

reason for our growth and development

into the peace and happiness of union

with You again.


We think of You as the Supreme, Pure

Intelligence of all. This is the Source of

our ever increasing knowledge, right

understanding, virtue, vigor, and

compassion. Our grace, mercy,

patience, perseverance, zeal, and will

are all rooted and grounded in You.


We think that everything exists as a part

of Your Integrity. Nonetheless, You as

Infinitely Complete Whole, always exist

independently of everything. Thank You

for showing us how to focus on Silence

as You, no matter how briefly, while

we go about our life.