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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 6

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Purified consciousness brings in its

 wake:  Charity, compassion, and true

 love.  This is the Loving Light of Divine

 Intelligence, our Supreme Being. 


Awakening of to our original Love 

Supreme, our Supreme Being, causes

 us to lift our standards of excellence

 above and beyond the best ever of

civilized humanity.


We think of You as the Eternal Light 

of Divine Intelligence.  You are within

 and beyond the temporary existence

 of the material worlds.  From the 

vastness of the Cosmos,  to the spaces 

between subatomic particles and 

thoughts,  You are always Infinitely



All levels of intelligence, awareness, 

and consciousness are pervaded and

 transcended by You. Thank You for

 teaching us how to consciously live 

remembering You. Slowly, we are 

aligning with You and returning to 

    living in harmony with all that exists.


Aligning with You by constantly thinking

 of You, thus remembering You, we better

deal with negative thoughts that can 

  surround, permeate, and contaminate our

     consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 


 Always thinking of You forms a spiritual

      barrier around consciousness, awareness, 

        and intelligence, while also cleansing them.  

           This better aligns and unites them with You. 


In the process of consciously reuniting

 with You, our self-image, self-esteem,

 and integrity are raised to more glorious

 levels. Gradually, we return, consciously, 

to forever, union with You. 


Thank You for helping us return to 

rationality and common sense by always

thinking of You.  Always thinking of You

 is the spiritual  practice that cleanses

 the vileness out  of our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence. 


As vileness is cleansed out, the true

brilliance of our original Divinity shines

forth. In Its light, we see clearly that

we all do have a Moral Center. The

corners, center, and the foundation of

of this Moral Center originates, and

is concentrated in Your Righteous



All Merciful, Supreme Omnipresent

Supreme Being, You are all we have ever

needed, and all we need now. Our

intelligence demands that we use every

resource at our command to come back

into consciousness of union with You.


Our primary resource is to always think

of You. We know from experience that

this is helping us transcend the illusory

worlds, Maya, and awaken to the inner

joy and contentment of union with You.


We began this awakening by always

thinking of You, and we are continuing it

by doing more of the same. We think

of You as our Omnipresent Supreme

Being, Supreme Intelligence, pervading

and transcending all, including the

Infinite Stillness within and beyond



Thank You for teaching us how to

live in the world, doing our duties

evermore excellently, while always

thinking of You. We think of You as

our Supreme Being who pervades

and transcends all levels of

consciousness, awareness, and



We think of You as the Highest and 

 Greatest Truth. Thank You for showing

   us how to break the cycle of suffering by 

always thinking of You. This is the 

     beginning of submitting, offering, serving, 

surrendering all to You.


Submitting all to You, we are

acquiring real Education. This type of

education purifies our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence; thereby

dissolving the ego, identifying with a

material designation. 


We think of You as our Most Noble,

Source of all physical and Metaphysical

Worlds.  Gradually, we are regaining

 our freedom from Maya and are

continuing our awakening to union 

withYour Eternal Omnipresence.


Thinking of You as the Most Noble is

purifying our intelligence, awareness,

 and consciousness. As a benefit, we are 

always better managing our mundane

affairs while we are consciously

reuniting with You.


Thinking of You, and offering all to You

helps us remember You. Remembering

You, keeps us totally, consciously, in the

present moment. In this way, we are

 detached  from the world while 

performing our mundane tasks more

efficiently with greater attachment,

true affection and unconditional love

 for You.