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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 3

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thinking of You, gradually our 

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are

cleansed of unedifying vibrations

 and quiet. As this happens,

we awaken from the illusion,

experiencing the blissful reality

of Your Omnipresent and

Transcendental Bliss. This is the

Divinity of all, within all, beyond

all. This thou art.


In the process of awakening back to

to You, the great questions of life:

"Who are we? Who or what is God?"

and "How can we realize our own

Divinity?" are all answered.

Gradually our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence are

clean, quiet., still, and increasingly

 aligned with You.


As we align with You, we experience 

the blissful reality of Your 

Omnipresent and Transcendental 

Bliss.  This is some of the Divinity 

of all, within all, beyond all, and 

You are greater than this.


As a result of thinking of You, our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are cleansed of anger,

lust, and greed, the impediments

to wholesome cognitive and

spiritual development.


You are our Supreme Spirit. We are

 spiritual beings, in quality one with

      You. Under the influence of ignorance, 

we were identifying our spiritual 

longing for You to be material, and 

  seeking to satisfy such longings with

      external material sense gratifications.


In the process of awakening back to

to You, the first of the illusions we 

awaken from is the mistaken belief 

that the self is a material body. 

Gradually, we are reawakening to 

the fact that we are eternal spirit,

intelligence,  pervading and

transcending, the material body,

     consciousness, awareness, and lower



Moreover, with this reawakening 

we are not only seeing our Self as

 Spirit or Intelligence, within and 

beyond this body, consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence, we are

 seeing You as Supreme Spirit, the 

Light  of Divine Intelligence,

pervading and transcending all

      consciousness, awareness, and lower




We are thinking of You as this 

Supreme Intelligence, this Light of 

Divine Intelligence, beyond time 

and space, pervading and 

transcending all.  As a result of

   thinking of You, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are

cleansed of anger, lust, and greed,

 the impediments to wholesome

        cognitive and spiritual development.


You pervade and transcend the 

beginning, middle and end states of

 all.  Seeing that it is You in  various 

forms of the "Other," we serve

    You exclusively, gradually we awaken 

to You, here, now.


 In the process of serving You first and 

exclusively, we are rendering our best 

service to all Sentient Beings.  Our 

efforts are dedicated loving service to

 You alone.  All so-called "Others" are

 but You in various disguises and



Always praising You, thanking You,

and glorifying You helps us remember 

You. This remembrance reawakens us 

back to You, our original Divine

 Intelligence, beyond consciousness,

     awareness, and ordinary intelligence.


          We think of You as the Light of Divine 

             Intelligence within all.  As our Supreme

            Leader, understanding and All

              Compassionate Guide, You are always

                    here, within and beyond time and space.



You pervade and are simultaneously

 beyond this material body. So are we.

The more we identify as intelligence 

looking out through the material 

   body, and we are chanting Your Holy 

Names and offering all to You, our

 consciousness is purified of thoughts

 of lust, anger, and greed.


    By fixing our intelligence on You, the 

    consciousness is controlled and cleansed

 of  lust, anger, and greed; thoughts of

 which cause us to fall into the slavery

 of insatiable sense gratification. 

Remembrance of You by thinking of 

You, we aggressively persevere in our

 efforts to purify our consciousness and

to consciously reunite with You, our 

Supreme Being.


We think of You as the Highest, Most

 Powerful, and Most Intelligent, the Root

and Ground of all being.  You are our

 Supreme Controller, Leader, and

Guide. You are always here, now, 

pervading and transcending every 

atom, proton, neutron, electron,

subatomic particle and vibration. 

Serving and loving You, beginning

 with always thinking of You,  we are 

serving and loving all.


We think of You as the One within and 

beyond all standards of measurement.

 Never covered by clouds of denseness or 

ignorance, You are the Supreme Light 

which bestows wisdom. Thank You for 

accepting our  modest attempts to 

thank, praise, and  worship You with 

love and devotion.