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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The purpose of everlasting 

omnipresent, is to 

Glorify You and remember You.

 This spiritual practice is

 empowering us to always think of 

You, and as a consequence, 

reawaken to You, here, now, in this



By associating with You through

 calling out Your Names, knowing 

You are beyond all names, 

praising, glorifying, offering all 

to You, and giving thanks to You

 in all circumstances,  we are 

associating with You. 


We think of You as within and 

beyond all illusion, Maya. You, 

the Self, upon whom we think

concentrate, and meditate, are

 within and beyond any physical, 

mental, intellectual, or spiritual

 designations or  differences;  in 

this light, all  Sentient Beings are

    siblings, and ultimately all, are the 

same in You.


We think of You as the Source of 

 the Supreme Energy, Love, and

 Eternal, Pure Intelligence. You

 are the Origin of Unlimited

 Creativity, Dignity, Unity, and 

Supernal Power. 


By always thinking of You, our

 consciousness draws

inspiration and nourishment for

 our steady awakening back into 

union with You.  This is real 

cultural refinement.


Real cultural refinement is a

 scientific system for success that 

awakens us out of a very decadent, 

savage, spiritually dead condition of

   life.  We are cultivated from the level 

   of brutes, to human being, back to 

      our  Divinity, union with You, again.


We think of You as the Source of our

 life and the well wisher of the universe.

 Praising and Thanking You constantly 

is one method we are sobering up as the 

 Self. Doing this, we are more than 

victorious in the so-called waking,

 sleeping, dream, and deep sleep states

 of existence.


The goal of our life is You. Praising and

 Thanking You helps us fix our conscious, 

awareness, and intelligence on You. This

releases us from the temporary worlds 

of misery and their endless cycles of 

birth,  death, and rebirth.   


We think of You as the Supreme

 Power of the multidimensional

 universes. Always thinking of You

is our ancient and present 

methodology for independence

from Maya, freedom, and our 

further Spiritual Development.


Thank You for resurrecting us

 from the illusion of spiritual,

intellectual, mental and physical

 disease and death. This is being

    done through our spiritual practice

 of prayer, study,and nonviolent

 sacrifice centered in You and 

offered to You.


We are striving to praise and thank 

You in all circumstances.  In this

way, we are thinking of You, and

   associating our Consciousness, 

   Awareness, and intelligence with You. 



  Associating with You, we are

 progressively controlling and effacing 

 the lower self, the ego, with the Highest

Self, You, the Eternal Light of Divine

    Intelligence.  Slowly, we are awakening,

        returning to the  cool, calm, 

collectedness of Your Blissful



Simultaneously, while our

Consciousness Awareness, and

intelligence are returning to their

Blissful alignment with You, we

are transcending suffering, and

increasingly experiencing You, our

eternal state of infinite knowledge

and bliss.


Moreover, as we continue our

spiritual practice of thinking of

You and remembering You, we have

some experience of the Self, as,

Kundalini, Vibratory Bliss. This

is beyond Knower, Knowledge,

Knowing, and Known.


We are being freed from the fear of

birth, old age, disease, and death

by always thinking of You. We

are doing this through our

spiritual tools of prayer, study,

nonviolent sacrifice, service, right

association, and meditation.


Using our spiritual tools, we are

slowly but surely reawakening to

You, the Super Soul of all Souls,

the Supreme Intelligence of all

intelligence, always here, in this



Thank You for revealing to us how

to use our spiritual tools, especially

chanting Your HolyNames. They help

to quiet the consciousness of unedifying

thoughts, and thus help to make the

awareness and intelligence more



We are using our spiritual tools to

align our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence ever more with You.

Gradually, the goal of Yoga, union

with You is being achieved.