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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Most Unique One. Only You know Yourself, for You are always the

Subject even while pervading all objects. By constantly remembering You, we are being

purified, edified, and awakening from Maya, the illusory worlds of character

degradation and other sorts of unlimited suffering.


We remember You as the Supreme Most Righteous Conscience within all. This is the

Supreme Witness and Solution at the base of all consciousness. You are the power

behind, within, and beyond this Conscience, and ultimately, You are the Power of the

law of Karma.  


We think of You as the Greatest, Most Righteous Consciousness, inside and

beyond all, including particles, vibrations, stillness, space and time. Thank You for

teaching us how to meditate at the Sixth Chakra on You as Silence and the Ultimate

Witness of all.


We think of You as the One Most Powerful Spiritual Force. Association engenders

similarity. Being around You by always thinking of You, we acquire Your qualities



We think of You as the Most Perfect One, the Source of

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. We come together around

You as the Best Knower and Unifier, the Most Excellent Goal

of all Knowledge and Endeavors.


Thank You for showing us how to unite our integrity ever more

perfectly by always thinking of You. This is the path of Perfect

Unity and Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.


The foundation of our spiritual practice is to always think of

You. Thinking of You is association with You. The more we

concentrate on You the more our consciousness is



We think of You as the Source off all terrestrial and extraterrestrial

worlds. You have been, and are our spiritual refuge, and strength.

By always thinking of You we transcend and remain free from Maya.

Truly, You are our ever-present, Supremely Wise Friend in and beyond

all times, causations, and illusions. 


We think of You as the Real Self, the pervader and transcender of body,

mind, intellect, and ego; the Supreme Spirit, Eternal, the Source of Unlimited

knowledge and Bliss; beyond form and formlessness, Transcendental to

knower, knowledge, and known.


We think of You as the Source of our independent thought, freedom of inquiry,

and our centeredness. Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of devotional

service to You. It is reviving our original Awareness and in the process is

enlightening our intelligence, enhancing our balance and ability to think

critically and independently. 


As we awaken to our original Self, which is within, encompassing, and

transcendental to all genders, nationalities, species, et al, our

consciousness is cleansed of contaminations and misgivings. We return

to manifesting Your qualities of goodness and mercy toward all beings, the

more we think of You.


With an ever cleaner consciousness/heart, as a consequence of always thinking

of You, we strive to treat others better than we expect them to treat us. As we

do to the so-called least of the sentient beings among us, we do it unto You.


The more we think of You, we are purified and strong enough to resist, drive

out, and keep out, any unedifying thoughts, from our consciousness. We think

of You as our "Balm in Gilead that makes the wounded whole, our Balm in

Gilead that heals the sin sick soul. "

Jeremiah 8:22


As the monkey mind is dissolved by always thinking of You, our

consciousness rises, expands, purifies, and clears from the worlds of

delusion, Maya. As this happens, we naturally love everyone and

speak Truth. We are Love and Truth. The more our consciousness

is cleansed by always thinking of You, the more we are inclined to

Love everyone and speak Truth. 


When clouds of ignorance disperse, we below see the sun of our

Original Awareness. However, we know from the evidence of

knowledge, observation, and experience; the Sun is never covered

by clouds just as our Original Awareness is never covered by



In the final analysis of "What is the Self?" The Self is Eternal,

Infinite Loving Supreme Awareness, Pure, Intelligent Energy, at

the foundation of all being. Simultaneously, It pervades and

transcends all.


You, the Eternal Self, the never coming and never going One. You are always here.

You are the light that never goes out. Our offerings are directed to You alone.

Thank You for showing us how to remember You through our submissions to You.


Greater than all, You are all alone. Completely perfect, You are the Complete

Balance, totally fulfilled and completely satisfied within Yourself. There is no

one outside of Yourself other than You, the All within and beyond all. This

Thou Are.