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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 17

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


Our thinking of You, our feelings 

toward You, our willing to serve 

You in all we do, are our offerings to 

You.  This is purifying association 

with You.


 Associating with You, the Most Pure, 

purifies our consciousness of those

 wicked spirits of lust, anger, greed,

 illusion, madness, and envy.


Those wicked spirits will take over our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence intoxicating us evermore in

the delusion that they are us.


Our spiritual practice of thinking of You

and remembering You purifies and

sobers us up. As this happens, we

cease committing wicked deeds, the

source of our suffering, and life has

more meaning, feeling, purpose, and



Gradually, we are freed from Maya's

addictions and afflictions. Slowly, we

reawaken to the Eternal Ecstasy of Your

Divine, Tranquil, Bliss Filled



Always thinking of You is our way of

concentrating on You. Thus, we are

cleaning wicked thoughts out of our

consciousness, awareness, and



If allowed, wicked thoughts will live

 in our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence to the extent that they will

claim our identity; so much so, that

 we will identify as being them. 


As we identify as being the thoughts, 

our  consciousness awareness, and

 intelligence identify everless with You

 and evermore with the illusion, Maya.  

We find our life sinking ever deeper, 

into the miserable frustrations, and

 heavy strains of Maya's strong

 entangling webs of suffering.


Constant remembrance of You purifies

our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. As this happens, we are able

to treat others in the spirit of Truth,

Righteousness, Love, and Peace, as we

would like to be treated. In this spirit,

we awaken and rise out of the bondage

of Maya, Hell.


We think of You as the Source of

Infinite Freedom. By the spiritual

practice of seeing the self as Pure

Intelligence, and by always thinking

of you, we awaken to total liberation

in union with You.  


Simultaneously, while purifying our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence of wickedness, thinking

of You is keeping other wicked

thoughts from entering. In this way,

we are awakening to the bliss of 

Your Infinity.


Gradually, as our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence are

purified, we awaken to You, our

original Divinity. You are here,

now, in this moment.


Our suffering or joy is the result

of our own doing, our own Karma.

It is the result of our own thinking,

feeling, willing, and doing, wicked

or good.


Other people, places, things and

occurrences are simply instruments

through which our own Karma, bad

or good, returns to us. We are

responsible for our condition. This

is Your law of Karma, the Justice of

God, the Most High.


Purity of consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence, empowers us to treat others, 

all others, as we would like to be

 treated. We know, it is not how others 

treat us, but how we treat others that

 determines what comes back around

 to us. 


However, we do as we do not out of 

respect for this law of cause and effect,

 the Law of Karma. We do as we do out 

of purity of being, gained as a result of

 always  thinking of You.


We think of You as the Supreme Absolute,

the Source of the reconciliation of all

paradoxes. Thank You for showing us how

to resurrect ourselves from spiritual

death by always thinking of You.


We think of You as the Source of Real

Love, Unselfish, Unconditional Love;

Endless Love. This is the Love that gives

the best without a test, that expects not for

a blessing in return. This is You, our

Everlasting Love.