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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 16

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Purity of consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence, achieved by thinking of 

You and remembering You, empowers 

us to treat others, all others, as we

 would like to be treated. 


We know, it is not how others treat us,

 but how we treat others them that

 determines what comes back around

 to us. This is the law of cause and 

effect, the Law of Karma. 


However, we do not behave in this way

just because it is the Law. We do this

because of our purity of heart

/consciousness/awareness, as a result of

our purifying spiritual practice of

thinking of You and remembering



We think of You as within and beyond

creation, maintenance, and annihilation.

As we associate with You by remembrance

of You, our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence are is purified.


As purification process this happens, our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are freed of lust, anger, greed, illusion,

madness, and envy. Gradually, we stop

complaining about having been treated

wickedly, and we stop treating others,

any others, with evil, exploitative,



According to our research, knowledge,

observation, experience, and reflection,

You, the real Self, this Soul is

metaphysical. Eternal, This Ever

Present Intelligence is looking out

through this body, and every body.

It is the only One who can truly deny

the existence of everything other than



Thinking of You constantly, we transcend

desire and possessiveness. Slowly, we

 regard all with equal vision, regaining

 our real identity, our Eternal, Spiritual



You are our very own Supreme Being. The 

beginning of realization, experiencing

this truth, is to accept by knowledge, 

 observation, application, and experience

    that our true identity is spiritual. 


We think of You as Changeless,

Immaculate Spiritual Bliss, within

and beyond Pure Intelligence. You

are looking out through all Being.


You are the Source of Truth, the

Greatest Liberator; Righteousness,

the Greatest Balance, Justice, and

Reciprocity; Love, the Greatest

Charity; and You are the Source of

the Greatest Peace; Ultimate



Thank You for awakening us to this

spiritual practice of always thinking

of You. This is a real, solid, edifying

education, liberating us from the

illusion of material designation, while

uniting us consciously with You.


We think of You as the only One

within and beyond the supernatural,

the superstitious, and all levels of

Being. To us, the greatest blessings

are remembering You, experiencing

You, and developing our love for

You, while uniting consciously with



We free our Being from slavery to

insatiable desires for sense gratification

by always thinking of You. We think

of You as the Source of Infinite

Freedom, Security, Prosperity, and



We think of You as the only reality,

the only Good, the only one we can

truly depend on. You are never not

here to give us the purest of intellect

and the best of guidance.


Our strength is in our interaction

 with You. By calling out Your

Name, offering You everything,

 hearing about You, talking about 

You, and remembering You, we 

associate, interact, with You. 


By thinking of You, remembering

You, associating with You, we align

with You.  Slowly, we are living an

 increasingly auspicious life.


It is in our enlightened self-interest 

to strive for alignment with You. 

 Anything other than union with

 You, no matter how seemingly

beautiful, is the illusion and 

suffering of Maya.


Real Peace, Everlasting, Omnipresent,

Peace, is experienced the more we are

   in conscious alignment, union, with 

         You. Real Peace is always here. The 

 more we think of You, associate with 

    You, and thus align with You, the more

we experience this Fact.