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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We are transcending, rising. and going

 beyond, our fallen and suffering condition

 by remembering You.  We think of You as

     the Source of our thinking, feeling, willing, 

and doing.

We associate with You by remembering 

You with love and devotion. It is natural

 that we associate with You with love 

and devotion because You are our



The more we associate with You, the

Most Pure, we too are purified and

our natural condition of love and

devotion shines forth.


To the extent that our existence is

purified, the greater we are edified, and

we realize the Beloved Community. This

is Your Eternal Kingdom, here and now,

our original, constitutional position,



This practice of remembering You brings

a much needed spiritual revolution in our

lives. Gradually, we are healed of bodily

identification and temporary designations. 


We can always think of You by calling

out Your names, by various breathing

 techniques, offering You everything, 

hearing about You, reading about

 You, praying to You, and meditating 

on You. 


In the field of Yoga, chanting Your names

is called Mantra Yoga. It has the effect of

keeping offensive, unedifying thoughts

out of our consciousness, while focusing

   consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

on You.


We also can still the thoughts and focus

the consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence on You by being mindful of

our breathing and offering all we think,

 feel, will, say, and do to You. 


We should know, we are not the

breathing process. We are the one who

is aware of the breathing process.

Gradually the breathing process

becomes slower, more regulated

and focused on You. 


We think of You as our tried and true

friend. You have been with us and

will always be with us. It is up to us

to use our little independence and

intelligence to always think of You

and remember You. Thus, we awaken

in ever closer, conscious union

with You.


The more we engage in always thinking

of You, remembering You, the more we

awaken to being as we always were, in

Everlasting Union with Your

Omnipresent Peace.


As we awaken to Omnipresent Peace,

returning to as we were, we are an

ever clearer and wider channel

through which Your unlimited

Goodness, Mercy, and Endless,

Unconditional Love flows.


We are, by Your Grace, constantly

endeavoring to think of You and

meditate on You more.  This is how

 we are purifying our existence and 

aligning with you.


We think of You as the One without

a second, the Source of all Illumination, 

 Self-Cultivation, purity, patience and 



We evermore thoughtfully manage and

cultivate our life the more we focus on

You.  We think of You, as the

Source of our Self-knowledge, Self-

    Esteem, progress and right behavior.


We improve ourselves and raise our

nation, here, and now as we always think

of You and remember You. We are doing

this through prayer, study, sacrifice,

service, right association, and



Our reawakening begins and continues

to progress the more we engage in this

spiritual purification practice of always

thinking of You and remembering You.


A spiritual program of remembering 

and experiencing You as Eternal, Pure, 

Omnipresent Bliss, within and beyond 

Pure Intelligence, is the Sadhana, the 

spiritual practice, offered to You here 

as Our Word.