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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You  14

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayatri


You are eternally free from the 

 corruption of sense desire. In order

to work out our salvation with more 

diligence, we are increasing our efforts 

to always think of You.  By virtue of

   Your association, we are being purified 

of sense desire.


As we are purified of sense desire,  we 

are finding it easier to focus on the

 highest frequencies of Silence.  This 

practice cleans the consciousness and 

focuses it on You exclusively. 


We think of You as Eternal and 

Omnipresent. Within and beyond pain, 

gain, joy; disappointment, thinker,

 thought; noise, silence, and all dualities. 

You are our Undifferentiated, 

Indivisible, Supreme, Incomparable,

 Absolute Being.  


We begin the "Journey" back into 

Your likeness by always thinking of 

You. This spiritual practice enlightens 

our intelligence and leads us steadily

   on the right "Path" to conscious 

union with You.


Living once more, conscious of You, 

we are returning from a more or less

 spiritually dead state.  We are

 reawakening to a more fulfilling life 

      of Omnipresent Freedom and Peace.  


We are experiencing a new birth of 

freedom from cravings for insatiable

 sense gratification.  We seem to have 

been born again. Life now is having 

 more meaning, purpose, substance, 

and feeling.


As we come back to life, we are

experiencing the natural Fulfillment

and Peace that had eluded us, had

been impossible to attain in our futile

quest for sense gratification.


Always thinking of You is awakening

us to know, we do not have to save

the world. We do have to work out

our own salvation. By doing this, our

positive vibration, frequency, and

energy benefits the universe within

and around us.


We think of You as our Divine

Omnipresence. You are always

here. Your Infinitude envelops and

transcends all sentient beings, time,

and space.


You do not discriminate among the

variegated Sentient Beings. Your

Love is unconditional and available

to all. We have to make the effort to

    return to You.  The beginning of this 

    awakening is to always think of You.


Always thinking of You is

aligning us with You; thereby,

empowering us to free ourselves

us from addiction and slavery

   to insatiable sense gratification.


Gradually, by always thinking of 

You, we are reawakening out of the 

noneself, ego, back into Your 

Transcendental Loving 



Reawakening in Your Loving

Omnipresence, we are

experiencing freedom from

slavery to sense gratification.

Above all, we have begun

experiencing the Beauty of You



We are increasingly able to Be and see 

the Self in all and all within the Self

 as a consequence of the purifying

 association of always thinking of 



 Your purifying, unifying,

edifying, association is our Staff

of discrimination.  It is helps us 

discern the real from the unreal. 

 Your purifying association is also 

our double edged sword of 

Detachment allowing us to be in

   the world but not of it. 


We think of You as within and

 beyond the unity and diversity in 

our civilization.  The closer we get to 

You consciously, by always thinking 

of You with increasing love and

   devotion, the more we are consciously

in union with all.


We increase our love and devotion for 

You by always thinking of  You. 

 Thinking of You is remembering 

You.  Remembering You is

 association with You.


  We think of You as the Source of our

   empathy, compassion, loving kindness,

    and Omniscience.  We are striving  

   recognizing and associating with You

in all situations. Gradually, we are 

    rising out of illusion into the Infinite 

         Freedom and Bliss of Your Majestic