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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


Our purity of Being increases 

as a result of thinking of You and

 concentrating on You. 


 Gradually there is restoration to our 

original pride, dignity, and self respect,

 shining forth from the Light of Divine



We concentrate on You as within and 

beyond space, time and circumstance.

  Space is here.  However, You are the 

Infinite Knower of Space.  


Time is an illusion.  You exist as here, now.  

Within You are the artificial impositions

 on Now, which for sake of material 

convenience we call Time.  There are

 no circumstances absent of You. Your

 Omnipresence pervades and transcends



Moreover, we think of You as the 

Source of Spiritual Consciousness and

 the Righteous Power that protects 

Justice, Karma. Thank You for granting 

us success in our humble attempts to

 concentrate on You in so many ways.


Concentration on You is is accomplished

 through righteous prayer, study,

sacrifice, service, meditation, right 

association, and constant praise and

thanksgiving offered to You.


Thank You for accepting this and all

 our other humble offerings. They are

 certainly helping us remember You.

      This way, we are reawakening, 

    regaining our Dignity, our Self-

     Confidence, and our Divine



    Thinking of You, concentrating on 

      You, the Most Pure, our Character is 

       purified.  We are transformed from 

        devilish, brutes, to Loving and kind,

         Divine Beings.


We think of You as our Universal Spirit, 

the Supreme Being of all. In the 

process of thinking of You, and 

concentrating on You, we are 

  reawakening to purification of our



     As a result of our Character returning 

      to Its purified state, we are becoming 

more understanding, kind and loving

 toward siblings of any Sentient Being. 

  Moreover, we are experiencing 

        greater harmony with Your will, the

       way of Peace. 

Resume editing here.  03/20/22


 Intellectually, we are slowly

seeing "Others" "They" or "Them" as

reflections of Your Omnipresence.

Finally, and most importantly, we are

gradually experiencing "They" and

"Them" as "Us."


When we recall the experience of the 

Tranquil  Ecstascy of Your Omnipresence, 

the joys of the material world pale and 

evaporate in comparison.


There is no one, no thing, or experience

 that can compare with You. We think of 

You and concentrate on You as 

Unchanging within and beyond all



You are the Source of all, within and 

beyond inauspiciousness and

 auspiciousness. The more we know

You, through research, observation, 

experience, and reflection, the

more we are at Peace with every 

Sentient Being.


We think of You and concentrate on

 You as the Highest, the Most 

 Exquisite and Powerful experience 

   we have thus far known. Purification 

of our intelligence back to You by 

 always thinking of You is an ever

more magnificent adventure.


 Always thinking of You is empowering

 us to more easily release the lower, 

enslaving taste and desire for insatiable 

sense gratification, Maya. The more

 we try to think of You, the more think

 of You.


We we think of You, we concentrate on 

You as the Original, Prime Cause of all 

causes.  Thought has its origin in You,

the Unbounded One who pervades 

and transcends all cultures and

 species of life.


We think of You as the Eternal, 

Supreme Absolute, Source of all. 

Anything else is temporary,

 therefore illusion.  It does not 

exist, does not endure. Only You

    never cease existing.  Therefore, 

    You are the only Reality.