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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


All praise to You, Most Merciful 

and Completely Generous One. 

Thinking of You and remembering

 Your Merciful Generosity, we are

awakening to enlightenment and

 ever greater unity with ourselves 

and others. 


  We think of You as the Total that is 

within and always beyond all parts.

We are seeing  and serving You, the 

    Changeless One, within and beyond 

     the ever changing material world and

         Its inhabitants.    


We are seeing and thinking of You

as Omnipresent. You are the Eternal,

 Immanent and Transcendent One.

Thinking of You is leads to 

remembering You.


Remembering You is association with

You. It is Your purifying association

that is cleansing our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of the evil

spirits of Lust, Anger, Greed, Illusion,

Madness, and Envy.


Remembering You, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are 

cleansed of the Evil Spirits, Lust, 

Anger, Greed, Illusion, Madness, and

 Envy.  Gradually, we awaken, and are

able to see and serve You in others 

and others within You.


Seeing and serving You in others, and

others within You, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are 

further cleansed.  Consequently, You, 

our Ever Higher Intelligence, shines

 through, dispelling the clouds of

 ignorance Self.


The greatest ignorance is ignorance of Self.

Always thinking of You is enlightening us,

freeing us of the concomitant suffering

  that accompanies ignorance of Self.   


The beauty of the You, the Supreme Self,

the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, 

Omniscient, Ultimate Being of all, can 

be experienced.  This happens as our 

consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence are purified and realigned 

with You by always thinking of You.


The more we think of You our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are cleansed of deceit and

other unrighteousness. While this

happens, our honour, pride, and

self-respect are restored. Thank You

for teaching us how to always think

of You.


Through the spiritual practice of thinking

of You, we are remembering You. Our

consciousness is settling back into its

natural quiet and pure state. As this is

happening we are increasingly seeing,

 and serving You, progressively

 experiencing the tranquil bliss of Your



We think of You as the All in all, within

and beyond the totality of the

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

of all. Thinking of You and Remembering 

You is awakening us to wisdom, 

enlightenment, unity, and familyhood

 with all Sentient Beings.


Everything is within You. We think

of You as the Supreme consciousness,

awareness and intelligence within and

beyond everything, including emptiness

and no-thing, the metaphysical.  Always

thinking of You awakens us to ever

 greater levels of Enlightenment.


We think of You as Absolute, Supernatural

in all. Encompassing, pervading and

transcending nature, You are Smaller

than the smallest and larger than the

largest, none can compare to Your



The more we see and serve You

everywhere, in everything, and in "Each

Other" the greater is the re-spiritualization

of our consciousness, awareness, and



We are living in consciousness of Spirit,

Pure Energy as the Self. We are

awakening to You as Supreme Spirit,

Most Subtle, Most Powerful Energy,

the Supreme Self in and beyond all.


We think of You as the Life Force, the

Prana, Ultimate Pure Intelligence.

Thank You for helping us think of You,

the Most Pure, thereby associating

with You. Through Your purifying

association, we are awakening to our

Original, Eternal Self, beyond birth

and death.


We think of You as the Supreme

Absolute, within and beyond the un-

manifest, manifest and causal states of

being. You are the Indivisible One

within and beyond cause and effect.

We think of You and meditate on You

as the One, within and beyond the

Silence, the Changeless First and Last,

Witness of all.


We think of You as Divine Reality, the

Primeval Energy, the Eternal,

Omnibenevolent One.  You are the only

 reality because You never cease existing

as the foundation which surrounds, 

pervades and surpasses us and others, 

evil, good, and any other dualities trying

 to pass as realities.