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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking of You  10

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

    Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.


As a result of thinking of You, we are

 suffering less.  Thus, we are more

enthusiastically engaging in the 

purification process of always

remembering You.  


We are seeing that Your association is 

purifying us and causing us to turn

 from our wicked ways, the root cause

 of our suffering.


We think of You as the Self - 

Resplendent,  All-Pervading

Supreme Being within and beyond 

all, including silence and all other 



Thank You for revealing this well-

worn path of always thinking of You. 

It is a time tested methodology for

 purifying our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence while we 

   fulfill our duties in mundane



You are our Supreme Intelligence,

Omniscience, within and beyond

consciousness, awareness, and



Without You, consciousness

would not know what to be conscious

of, neither would awareness know

what to be aware of.  


Moreover, without You, there would

be no intellect, reasoning and

common sense, because there would

be no intelligence, Omniscience, to

inform it.


You, the Light of Divine Intelligence,

are the Eternal Witness, within and

beyond space and time. You are our

One Supreme Being, within and

beyond all names and forms.



Surely, You are the intelligence of

our thoughts, the source of our unity,

and strength. The more we associate

with You through our always thinking

of You, with increasing love and

devotion, we are purified and thus

avail ourselves to Your Omniscience.


Our natural, original position is Pure

Intelligence, in union with You.

Association with You enlightens our

intelligence and draws us ever closer to

Your likeness again.



No name or form at my command can

adequately describe the qualities

inherent in Your Infinitude. We think of

You as the Eternal, Boundless Love,

beyond compassion.


You are the Source, pervading and

transcending all consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence. We offer

to You alone our praise, glorification,

and thanksgiving.


Thinking of You, with increasing

love and devotion is awakening

our memory, and our ability to

discriminate between the real and

unreal. Thus, we are being

restored back original position,

union with You.


We think of You as the Supreme Pure

Intelligence of everyone. Always

thinking of You exorcises our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence of impurities.


Those impurities are the evil

spirits of lust, anger, greed, illusion,

madness, and envy. Our

thinking, feeling, willing, and doing

are purified of those evil spirits

the more we think of

You. Consequently, we suffer less

from our own doing, our Karma.


We think of You as the Most Pure.

Thank You for showing us the profits,

the benefits, of always thinking of You.

Thinking of You, we associate with

You.  Associating with You our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are purified.


Consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence, purified by Your

  association, and we align with You.

As this alignment happenswe love 

You and others with all our might,

 because love is our nature. It

 manifests as such when we are in 

alignment with You.


    So, thinking of You, associating with

     You, we align with You, and transcend

       suffering.  Enjoying the transcendental

          Bliss of Your Omnipresence, evermore,

       we can now say, in the light of 

          knowledge, observation, experience,

         and reflection, "The Kingdom of the

            Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence is