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Bhakti Yoga

Thinking about You  1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You AUM.  thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Hearing and experiencing that it

 is You in various forms of  the "Other," 

we are serving You exclusively.  

Gradually, we are returning to our

 original position of in Divine Reality.


We have heard of You as smaller 

than the smallest and larger than the

 largest.  We have heard and have

 some experience of You as within and

 beyond the Most Subtle and the Most

 Gross, simultaneously.


Pervading and transcending the

Heavens, earth, the atoms, quarks,

Maya, and all vibratory phenomena,

You are definitely the Greatest.


You are within and beyond Silence

and the infinite stillness of being. Our

Divine Reality is within You, and are

You. Within and beyond everything

that we now consider the Self, You are

     our Supreme Being, our Divine Reality.


We are part and partial of You, the

Most Simple, the Eternal

Reservoir of Unlimited Beauty, Bliss,

Knowledge and Intelligence. You, the

Silent, Supreme Witness of everything,

are within and beyond, the total being

of all.


Most Merciful, Completely Generous

One, all praise to You. Please accept our

most humble obeisance. We think of

 You as Pure Intelligence, the Light

 of Divine Intelligence.


We have heard of Your Incomparable

Greatness, eternally transcending and

pervading the cosmic manifestations.

They come into being out of You,

produce by products, and dissolve

back into Your Infinity.


We have heard of Your

Omnipresence, Your Omnipotence,

and Your Omniscience. We can

somewhat comprehend these mystic

Opulences of Yours, as we know You,

the Light of Divine Intelligence,

pervading and transcending Time,

Space, and Silence.


Thank You for revealing to us the

 fact that our True Self is within and

 beyond Space, Time, and Silence.  

You, the Source of our True Self, are

 the Light of Divine Intelligence 

shining on, in, and enlightening all

 facets of our Being.

Begin editing here. 01/27/22


You are the inspiration for all the positivity of our lives.

Thank You for revealing to us how to be consciously One with

You again. This is done through surrender to You alone.


Seemingly, according to our research, observation,

knowledge, and experience, only a consciousness fixed in

You, not rules of grammar, degrees, money, fame, intellectual

prowess, nor mental or physical strength, will truly help us at

the time of old-age, disease, and/or death.


Constant remembrance of You is our refuge, our comfort,

and our strength when one of the three mentioned above

comes to call. Thank You for showing us how to always think

of You.


We think of You as the Source of the Totality of all beings.

You, the incomparable, have no comparisons in any world.

There is none equal to You. You are the Last Witness and

Light of the Infinite Blackness of Eternity.


Everything we think, feel, will, say and do is determined by

its capacity to help us experience You, the Source of

the totality of all being. Thank You for reeducating us in

knowledge of self. 


When we are in Maya, we are thinking the self is the body,

mind, intellect, or ego. Consequently, we struggle in vain to

satisfy the insatiable demands of the senses.


That sense addiction causes us to do wicked, devilish things

to ourselves and others in efforts to gratify the insatiable

demands of the senses. Hence, we suffer evermore in and on

the spiritual, ego, intellectual, mental, and physical levels

of existence. 


We are spirit, in quality One with You. Pervading and

transcending the visible and the invisible, You are the Divine

Supreme Truth, smaller than the smallest and bigger than

the biggest, the Greatest Spirit of all. You are the only one

worthy of Glorification.


Our clean heart and right spirit shines forth as consequence

of thinking of You and surrendering all of our prayers,

studies, and nonviolent sacrifices to You. 


We come out of Maya and back to fulfillment and Peace

Everlasting to the degree we remember You. Surely, and we

know from application and experience, we turn from

our wicked, evil, devilish ways and come back to You the

more we are cleansed as a consequence of remembering You.


Remembering You is the solution that is working

for us. We were deep in Maya and did not know it. Chanting

Your Holy Names and offering You everything is

reawakening us, cleaning us up, turning us around, and

bringing us back from spiritual death. As this happens, we

are resettling in our Original Nature of Everlasting

Omnipresent Peace.


We think of You as the Supreme Controller, Leader, and

Guide. You are always here, now, pervading and

transcending every atom, proton, neutron, electron,

subatomic particle and vibration. Everything about You is



All living beings are reflections of Your Honor and Glory.

Bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest,

simultaneously, You pervade and transcend

everywhere, macro and micro.