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Bhakti Yoga

Remembering You 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on

You as the Most Pure Awareness, within and beyond

material and immaterial, self and non-self, one and

many, duality and non-duality, something and nothing.


You are the only Pure Awareness of consciousness, the only

One worthy of worship. All glories to You. May You, who

are more subtle than the subtlest vibrations, including the

infinite Stillness of Being, be pleased with these humble

offerings of

Our Word.


We offer You, the God of Truth, our life, our every breath.

Everything we have been through, everything we are going

through, everything we will go through, we bring as an

offering to You. This spiritual practice inspires spiritual,

intellectual, mental, and physical cleanliness.


By offering everything to You, our consciousness is purified

and we better love, serve and assist You. By loving, serving,

and assisting You first, we are ever better in our efforts to

love and serve all sentient beings throughout the universe.


Surrendering all to You all the time keeps us always thinking

of You. This surrenders and purifies all levels of our

consciousness and brings forth You, our Divinity. This is

done while we work with Nature for the good of all planets,

and sentient beings throughout the Cosmic manifestations.


Most importantly, constantly serving You keeps negativity

out of our consciousness while it simultaneously purifies our

Pineal Gland and consciousness. Purification of these two

reveals our original Divine Nature, the Source of all Truth,

Righteousness, Love, and Peace.


We meditate on You, our inner reservoir of Truth,

Righteousness, Love and Peace. The more we submit to You

and meditate on You the more we remember You.


Remembering You, we "Reawaken" to Your

Eternal Omnipresence, pervading and transcending our

Pineal gland, all Pineal glands and all levels of all



Prior to our spiritual revolution, we saw the self as material

being with all sorts of designations. Now we see, in the clear

light of Truth, the self as eternal spirit, in quality One with

You, Supreme Spirit, eternally free from all designations,

definitions, and affiliations.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the Supreme Source of all sound and silence, the Most

Pure. Thank You, for granting us the Peace of understanding

that keeps us humble, polite, and surrendering to You.


Association brings assimilation. Through surrender to You,

we associate with You. The consequence of this is

positive transformation at the very foundation of our

consciousness. This is nonviolent spiritual revolution.


We meditate on You as the source of all awareness, all

vibrations, the highest and Greatest Source of all devotion

and love. Our original devotion and love for

You begins to unfold as a result of our associating with You

by always thinking of You, surrendering to You all we think,

feel, will, say, and do. 


By Your Most Positive and Pure association, our

consciousness is being cleansed of negativity, and our positive

pure consciousness is being restored. We are truly grateful to

You. All of our praise and thanksgivings are offered to You



We think of You as the Supreme Witness of the Most Subtle

Stillness that pervades and transcends all worlds. Thank You

for encouraging us to always think of You as the Most Pure.

It is by associating with You, and not merely by Holy Places,

Water, or Sand, though they help, that we are truly corrected

and purified, beginning with the Pineal Gland.


Pineal Glands are sacred vessels, conduits through which the

Supreme Consciousness enters the bodies. The true being is

transmitted through here. From this point, this channel,

creativity, energy, and intelligence radiates throughout the



Through Your association our Pineal Gland, and hence, our

bubble of consciousness is purified, transformed, and

absorbed into You again. The bubble is filled with the Infinite

ocean again. All we think, feel, will, say, and do, is done as an

offering to You. This is our means of conveyance back to You.


One tried and true method of absorbing our finite, polluted

consciousness into the infinity of Your Purity, is this spiritual

practice of seeing the self as awareness, calling out Your name,

and submitting all to You. Thus, our yoke is lightened and

gradually dissolved.


All of the above is happening as our consciousness is purified

into its original nature because we are fixing our

consciousness on You in all we do. Gradually we are

liberated from Maya, all by virtue of Your association.